A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats like Lady Gaga’s music

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats

Anyone can enjoy the music of Lady Gaga. Precisely one of the keys to his success was his Little Monsters [Monstruitos]as she called her followers, who at first considered themselves different, something that the artist herself promoted. Those who might not fall into that category were the rats. Literally the rats, not rat-kids or anything … Read more

This is Lady Gaga’s favorite menu to gain energy before the show

This is Lady Gagas favorite menu to gain energy before

The demanding daily schedule that Lady Gaga has to fulfill, leads her to take care of her diet, although contrary to what we might think, the singer does not follow any strict diet to lose weight, since the main purpose is that each bite provides her with a lot of energy, to give 100% on … Read more

Cardi B proves that her daughter Kulture is Lady Gaga’s number 1 fan

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Daughter Cardi B is developing her own taste in music. In a video posted on the “WAP” singer’s Instagram stories a few days ago, Cardi B’s daughter Kulture Kiari appears to ask her mom to play a specific songto which Cardi, 29, replies “The Ra Ra song? How’s the Ra Ra song going?” It will … Read more

Lady Gaga’s emotional speech during her concert that brought her to tears

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Lady Gaga not only is she an international star, but she is also one of the most politically involved from the actuality. He campaigned during the last US elections for the Democratic Party and also acted in the inauguration of Joe Biden. During these weeks, the singer continues with her tour Chromatica Ball Tour and … Read more

‘I wanted to talk about your double chin’: Lady Gaga’s NECK the subject of strange texts between two cosmetic surgeons

I wanted to talk about your double chin Lady Gagas

ads Supposedly, two cosmetic surgeons planned how they could operate on Lady Gaga after one of them became obsessed with the “double chin” of the singer. Doctors Daniel Aronov and Daniel Lanzer appear to have discussed how the pop sensation “needed neck liposuction” in WhatsApp text exchanges. COMMERCIAL The publicity-hungry doctors, whose TikTok videos made … Read more

Kidnapper of Lady Gaga’s dogs sentenced to four years in prison in the US

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One of the kidnappers of singer Lady Gaga’s dogs was sentenced to four years in prison in a Los Angeles court, prosecutors said Wednesday. Jaylin White, 20, agreed to a plea deal in which she dropped contesting the second-degree assault charge in exchange for attempted murder and conspiracy charges being dropped. He was immediately sentenced … Read more

Lady Gaga’s bleached brows: The singer revives the bleached brows trend for her “The Chromatic Ball” tour

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Jul 23 2022 – 6:00 p.m. Singer Lady Gaga has done it all with her style. The artist is not afraid to experiment with designs or shades. Now she’s back with her bleached eyebrows, a trend she set in the 2000s, for her tour.”The Chromatic Ball” During a live performance on her Instagram account, the … Read more

They offer reward for the capture of the accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker

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LOS ANGELES – A reward of up to $5,000 was offered Tuesday for information leading to the arrest of a man who was one of three charged with attempted murder and robbery in the attempted kidnapping of three French bulldogs from the singer Lady Gaga in 2021. James Howard Jackson, 18, was released from jail … Read more

Lady Gaga’s extravagant mansion facing the sea

Lady Gagas extravagant mansion facing the sea

the extravagant Mansion of Lady Gaga It is located in front of the sea in Malibu and, among several unbelievable curiosities, it has a bowling alley and even its own batcave. Know in detail every corner of this beautiful property that will leave you breathless. an extravagant inspiration The residence was built in 2005 and … Read more

Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs brand is getting a fresh start, but why?

Lady Gagas Haus Labs brand is getting a fresh start

A few years after being born, the Haus Labs brand created by Lady Gaga herself underwent a beautiful rebranding. But why ? While many stars enter the beauty industry, sometimes their brand doesn’t get the much-needed attention. But what happens when a label of this type does not take off an inch? It’s simple, there … Read more