Gaby Moreno offered a night of allegory, boleros, love, nostalgia and hope (Omara Portuondo, Leonel García and the new songs) – Prensa Libre

Gaby Moreno offered a night of allegory boleros love nostalgia

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno performed on Friday May 13 at The Westin Camino Real Hotel and for two hours he delighted the audience with songs from his recent record production, his hits and his favorite tickets. Gaby Moreno wasted talent and performed several of his hits. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz) With the concept “Allegory … Read more

Another Rollo: this is how Gaby Platas continued after the end of the program

Another Rollo this is how Gaby Platas continued after the

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 2/23/2022 6:27 p.m. Between 2000 and 2006 the actress Gaby Silvers served as a collaborator “Another roll”, the successful television format that was in the hands of Adam Ramones. The young woman even confessed that her foray into production was “an accident”, since she was included as part of the cast … Read more

Gaby Spanic on Alicia Machado: “She was never my friend”

1634870314 Gaby Spanic on Alicia Machado She was never my friend

Smiling and visibly happy to be reunited with some of her teammates The home of the famous from Telemundo. In this way appeared Gaby Spanic on the stage of the television show after becoming the eighth eliminated from the competition last Monday. The Venezuelan actress arrived escorted by the co-presenter Jimena gallego, who took her … Read more

How to respond to unfortunate comments like Alicia Machado’s about Gaby Espino’s thinness

1633457201 How to respond to unfortunate comments like Alicia Machados about

When a person attacks you it is because somehow you are moving something in himself that causes him deep discomfort. Perhaps Gaby Espino’s thinness has reminded Alicia Machado of having been harshly criticized for her weight on many occasions. The most remembered, when in 1997 she was forced to exercise in front of the media, … Read more

Justin Bieber’s romantic night, Gaby Espino’s training day: celebrities in one click

Justin Biebers romantic night Gaby Espinos training day celebrities in

Teleshow Also, Katy Perry walked through West Hollywood and Lily Collins attended a party with Charlie McDowell. Romantic night. Justin Bieber went to lunch with his wife, Hailey, at the exclusive Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. The singer wore black pants, white muscle and a patterned shirt, while his partner opted for a black and … Read more

[ENTREVISTA] Gaby Spanic: What is your strategy in “La Casa de los Famosos”?

ENTREVISTA Gaby Spanic What is your strategy in La Casa

Mezcalent Actress Gaby Spanic returns to soap operas after seven years away from dramatic projects. Already started “The House of the Famous”, the new proposal of the Telemundo network after the end of the fifth season of Exatlon United States. In this new reality show, inspired by “Big Brother VIP” and other television projects that … Read more

This was the hardest moment in Gaby Spanic’s life

This was the hardest moment in Gaby Spanics life

Gabriela Helena Spanic Utrera, better known as Gabriela Spanic is a well-known Venezuelan actress, entertainer, singer, model, and former beauty queen. To their 47 years it looks splendid and full of new projects. “Life is short! We are going drop by drop by the second, nobody can imagine what we have to solve when we … Read more

Gaby Espino talks about the end of her contract with Telemundo, says that their relationship is still active, but without ties

Gaby Espino talks about the end of her contract with

More than a year ago the contract for Gaby espino with the American television network Telemundo. He spent almost a decade as an exclusive talent and unlike other artists in similar situations, for her it was a “relief”. That has given her time to develop her business of being a brand spokesperson, a cosmetics entrepreneur, … Read more