Review of Moonhaven, the new futuristic science-fiction series from AMC+

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the streaming service AMC+available on Orange TV, Vodafone TV, Jazztel TV and as an additional Prime Video channel, premieres the science-fiction series on Thursday, August 11 moonhaven. Created by peter ockowho participated as a screenwriter in some of the craziest and most groundbreaking series of the 90s, such as A girl bombshell, Parker Lewis never … Read more

Superlithium and its futuristic tuning

Superlithium and its futuristic tuning

The album “Visiones del futuro” was made, according to the members of the Superlitio band, in an unconventional process. / Private File Photo: – JULIAN RINCON The Visiones del futuro album was born from a very extensive process of experimentation, of searching and finding the right pieces for each of the songs. It is … Read more

Other futuristic HBO Max productions worth seeing

Other futuristic HBO Max productions worth seeing

After the premiere of “Dreams of Mars”, hbo max reinforces its commitment with different and quality content. online with this sci-fi romantic comedythe platform renews its catalog with science fiction series that are worth watching. “Dreams of Mars” is starring Lana Condor Y Cole Sprouseand tells the story of Sophie and Walt, who venture on … Read more

Levi, the most elegant and futuristic turntable, makes your vinyl levitate as if by magic

Levi the most elegant and futuristic turntable makes your vinyl

When retro and modern come together they can create great things, the result is as amazing as this turntable. called Levi, that in the style of the enchantment of ┬źWingardium Leviosa┬╗, it is able to levitate your vinyls while playing your favorite music. SEE DUSTING YOUR VINYL RECORDS TO RELEASE THIS K3 TURNTABLE BY OSWALDS … Read more

Cougar Terminator, the futuristic gamer chair worthy of the T-800 itself

Cougar Terminator the futuristic gamer chair worthy of the T 800

The chairs for gamers have gone from being a residual element a few years ago to be part of almost any space destined to play and telework Thanks to its wide ergonomic design that allows us to rest our entire back and significantly reduce fatigue and possible pain when we spend many hours in front … Read more

10 Futuristic Cars You Should See In “The Fast And The Furious”

1630536404 10 Futuristic Cars You Should See In The Fast And

In addition to his action scenes and popular characters, “Fast and furious” (“Fast and Furious” in its original language) has been characterized by the cars that have appeared in each film of the franchise. And it is that the renowned ‘The Fast Saga’ has shown us all kinds of vehicles, from the most luxurious and … Read more

Review of Reminiscence: Captivating Futuristic Film Noir with Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson

Review of Reminiscence Captivating Futuristic Film Noir with Hugh Jackman

Review of Reminiscence, the futuristic noir film by Lisa Joy (Westworld) starring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson. In theaters since August 27, 2021. Lisa Joy (Westworld) makes his solo debut in the direction of a feature film with Reminiscence, an ambitious and not cheap film (he has already commented on several occasions how much it … Read more

Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren or Morgan Freeman come together in ‘Solos’, the futuristic premiere of the moment

The series premieres of the week are marked by Solos, the newest addition to the Amazon Prime Video catalog, a production of only seven episodes signed by David Weil that counts as its main claim with a cast of first-rate actors. Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba (Orange is the new black), Anthony … Read more