Doctor Strange, Marvel superheroes and the future of cinema: Victoria Alonso has the floor

Doctor Strange Marvel superheroes and the future of cinema Victoria

(Getty Images) She is considered one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, but for the president of production at Marvel Studios, Victor Alonso, the most important etiquette is the one that allows you to enter your workplace every morning. “That when I arrive at the studio and put my identification in the machine, they … Read more

The future of ‘Welcome to Eden’ on Netflix: Will there be season 2?

What plans does the team have after the shocking outcome of the series that in just a few days is already the most watched on the platform? The expected new Spanish Netflix series welcome to eden premiered last Friday, May 6 at Netflix, but it seems that this weekend has been enough for many subscribers … Read more

‘Now everyone wants to be Latino’: Bad Bunny talks about ‘A summer without you’, his new album, and his artistic future

a summer without you also includes collaborations with independent artists such as Marías and Stereo Bomb, and dives deep into diaphanous dream-pop textures and melancholy synth interludes that feel vast and intimate. The soundscape is reminiscent of indietronica artists like M83, but Bad Bunny and his producers Tainy, MAG and La Paciencia immerse it in … Read more

“Here’s to the future”: Mark Ruffalo celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first Avengers movie – The Intranews

UNITED STATES-. Mark Ruffalo he never misses important dates and was excited to celebrate on social media the tenth anniversary of the first film of avengers premiered in 2012. The actor played Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, alongside Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson Y Jeremy Rennerwho formed the Avengers … Read more

Coachella is the example of the future of concerts

Coachella is the example of the future of concerts

This holy weekend marked the first of two weekends dedicated to music at the Coachella Festival and YouTube prepared three channels of live broadcasts, as well as generated content with the artists and a couple of experiences only available on line for its users. This exemplifies the exponential growth that the online channel can achieve … Read more

All the scandals of Ezra Miller that endanger his future as Flash: why Warner could do without the actor of ‘Fantastic Animals 3’

All the scandals of Ezra Miller that endanger his future

In these last hours there is much talk about the possibility that the stage of Ezra Miller like the flash DC Extended Universe is about to come to an end. From rolling stone it has been reported that in Warner have called an emergency meeting to determine the future of the actor who premieres this … Read more

A new Mark Wahlberg movie could include a biopic of a Boston sports legend ‘in the near future’

1649287508 A new Mark Wahlberg movie could include a biopic of

Mark Wahlberg has taken his notoriety to another level with his film career after becoming famous for leading the musical group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and modeling for Calvin Klein. One of Wahlberg’s first films came in the Oscar-nominated boogie nights alongside Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, John C. Reilly and others, and has … Read more | Foo Fighters: their role in music and the future of the band after the departure of Taylor Hawkins

Filomusic Foo Fighters their role in music and the

During the last weeks the name Foo Fighters it sounded louder and louder. For her performance at Lollapalooza in the first place and for the departure of their drummer Taylor Hawkins just 5 days later. Due to its history, its time in our country and the unpredictable future that the group will have, we are … Read more

The future of “Bad Boys 4” after the Will Smith scandal at the 2022 Oscar Awards

The future of Bad Boys 4 after the Will Smith

Written in CINEMA / STREAMING the 2/4/2022 08:00 a.m. The “bad boys”, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnetthad waited 17 years for a triumphant return to the big screen, after the third installment in the franchise garnered the highest box office and best reviews of the trilogy. However, the future of the action sequel is in … Read more

Britney Spears receives a visit from Donatella Versace, designer of her future wedding dress

Britney Spears receives a visit from Donatella Versace designer of

The friendship between Britney Spears and Donatella Versace, one a singer, the other a designer, has been forging for more than 20 years. During these two decades, both have supported each other, in public and in private. The singer has worn the Italian’s designs on tours, performances (like the one she did with Michael Jackson … Read more