A virtual concert will be held within the metaverse in the Arab World called “Concert of the Future”

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Concerts are unique experiences that should not be missed, being an important step for users of the metaverse. MetaBoundless has partnered with the Foundation Algorand to perform a recital on October 20, 2022 and thus coin NFT’s for each of the attendees of the event, serving as a digital ticket in the show. Metaboundless has … Read more

Is Daniel Craig irreplaceable as James Bond? Sam Mendes talks about the future of the franchise

Is Daniel Craig irreplaceable as James Bond Sam Mendes talks

Sam Mendez, Oscar winner, and director of two of the most recent films in the ‘James Bond’ saga‘Skyfall’ and ‘Spectre’, has spoken about the “grueling” experience of putting these films together, and about the future of the franchise, now that Daniel Craig is no longer a part of it, he occupies a good position on … Read more

HBO Max’s price hike and massive layoffs paint a dark future for Warner

HBO Maxs price hike and massive layoffs paint a dark

It begins to be difficult to start a story about Warner without mentioning the turbulent weeks that the company has been going through since this summer, and whose starting gun was the withdrawal of ‘Batgirl’, planned to be released on HBO Max, but that will finally disappear without the possibility of being seen by the … Read more

Chris Hemsworth rules out getting so much muscle for future Thor projects: “It already hurts”

Chris Hemsworth rules out getting so much muscle for future

Chris Hemsworth is one of the fittest actors today thanks to his intense and demanding training for his performances as Thorthe God of Thunder Marvel. Although in his last role in Thor Love and Thunder left everyone speechless at the level of bodybuilding he achieved, giving rise to Thor more muscular from the MCU. A … Read more

Avalanche of Star Wars and Marvel announcements: these are the future novelties of Disney presented at the D23 Expo

1662850510 Avalanche of Star Wars and Marvel announcements these are the

After an intense day of announcements focused exclusively on Disney products and which gave us the trailer for the new movie live action of ‘The Little Mermaid’, the sequel to ‘The Lion King’ focused on Mufasa or the new production of Peter Pan, it is the turn of the heavyweights of the house: Marvel and … Read more

James Bond: favorite to succeed Daniel Craig, Idris Elba looks back on his future as 007

James Bond favorite to succeed Daniel Craig Idris Elba looks

Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, Ibris Elba… They are no longer much in the race to regainofficer 007 from MI-6, james bondin order to succeed Daniel Craig. But the latter surprised his world by revealing that he was not interested in the role at all. The next James Bond will not revolutionize the role Since the … Read more

The rise and fall of Robert Zemeckis: how did the ‘Back to the Future’ director become a magnet for disaster in Hollywood?

millonarios del mundo cuanto ganan las 20 personas mas ricas

In art in general, and in cinema in particular, an obsession can be the first stepping stone to a glorious career or a recipe for disaster. Something of which we have the best example in the recent career of Robert Zemeckis: Since the turn of the century, the director of Return to the future Y … Read more

Rubí Ibarra, from the nightmare of her XV years to a possible future on TV

Rubi Ibarra from the nightmare of her XV years to

Alejandra Wiessner and Rubí Ibarra, former participants of ‘La Academia’, the ‘reality show’ of TV Azteca. (Photo: Pedro Mera/Getty Images). Ruby Ibarra He made an unexpected and nightmarish leap to fame when a video in which his father invited everyone -literally- to his XV years party became the talk of the press in Mexico and … Read more

“Tolkien wanted future generations to reinterpret his work”: this is how ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ was made

Tolkien wanted future generations to reinterpret his work this is

In November 2017, amazon acquired the global television rights to the books of The Lord of the rings. As reported, the number Jeff Bezos put on the table was 250 million dollars. This, along with others $462 million in production costs for the first season, converts to the rings of power in the most expensive … Read more

He filmed six weeks as Marty McFly but was kicked out: Eric Stoltz, the protagonist of Back to the future that was not

He filmed six weeks as Marty McFly but was kicked

Teenager Marty McFly is Doc’s friend, a scientist who everyone thinks is crazy. When Doc creates a time travel machine, a fortuitous mistake sends Marty to 1955. (Universal Pictures) It is common to hear stories of “what was not”: from the actor who rejected the movie that later became successful or the reverse case, the … Read more