Natalia Téllez: when a distant cousin tried to make her fall in love at the same funeral of her mother

1637902251 Natalia Tellez when a distant cousin tried to make her

What happened with Natalia Tellez? Awaiting the soon birth of her daughter, the 35-year-old television presenter told, true to her irreverent style, the time that a distant relative flirted with her at her mother’s funeral, when she was just 15 years old, in Mexico. The celebrity recounted her uncomfortable experience on “Netas Divinas”, a program … Read more

Travis Scott Says He Will Cover Funeral Costs For Astroworld Victims

Travis Scott Says He Will Cover Funeral Costs For Astroworld

Travis Scott offers support and money for the tragedy at Astroworld festival 1:49 (CNN) — Travis Scott will cover all funeral costs for the eight victims who died in his Festival Astroworld on Friday, according to a statement released Monday by a representative for the rapper. The Houston-born artist will also partner with BetterHelp to … Read more

Roberto Roena’s widow was harshly singled out at the funeral

Roberto Roenas widow was harshly singled out at the funeral

The funeral of the musician and conductor, Roberto Roena, passed with the respect that he earned throughout his artistic career, but shortly before the remains were buried, a woman addressed the widow, pointing out that she had abandoned him. It was a moment of tension between the family members who still remained near the coffin … Read more

Roberto Roena’s widow sues for the musician’s funeral

Roberto Roenas widow sues for the musicians funeral

The Carolina Court of First Instance issued a judgment of provisional interdict and preliminary and permanent injunction in response to a lawsuit filed yesterday by Roberto Roena’s widow, Antonia Maria Nieves Santos, against Gladys Roena, the musician’s daughter. According to the document, signed by the superior judge Ismael Álvarez Burgos, the widow claims “that Mr. … Read more

VIDEO: Funeral of Leno Vega of the Gulf Cartel, with shots and band music they fired the capo

VIDEO Funeral of Leno Vega of the Gulf Cartel with

Commander Leno’s funeral. Photo: Video capture Codigo_Negromx / Courtesy In social networks circulates the video of the funeral and burial of a subject identified as Leno Vega or Commander Leno, alleged drug trafficker of the Gulf Cartel Metros (CDG). The alleged criminal was fired with band music and shots in the air, and band music … Read more

“Our life has gone away”: they reveal the sad moments that Johnny Ventura’s family lived at the funeral

Read transcript this funeral behind closed doorsfor the great johnny ventura.tania: hello, I tell you how veryemotional.the first image that viabe a phrase that said “selife was for us “.I was on top of the coffin, whichit was very sad, everyonewas crying, the widow, donaFIFA, I was very sad.his daughter Ana was passing him byWater.there … Read more