Filtered photos of Salma Hayek in full filming of her new film directed by Angelina Jolie

Filtered photos of Salma Hayek in full filming of her new film directed by Angelina Jolie | Special: Instagram The first images in which it appears were filtered Salma Hayek characterized by the character she plays in the movie “Without blood” directed by Angelina Jolie that began shooting in early June in Italy. The acclaimed … Read more

Jessi Uribe forgot the lyrics to a song by Paola Jara in full concert

Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe. Photo: Instagram During the last days, Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara They have been touring various cities in the country to make their presentations. The married couple has quite a few fans across the country, who enjoy their solo music and those songs they perform together. In one of his … Read more

‘2000 Mules’: The movie about “electoral fraud” that Trump recommends is full of accusations without evidence

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza develops the theory that election results [presidenciales de 2020] they were altered by “vote collectors” in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The film, which has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, exposes that thanks to the alleged tracking of 2,000 mobile phones and several security cameras placed in voting … Read more

Adamari López conquers the night and dazzles with a purple minidress full of feathers: VIDEO

One of the biggest Latin stars on television is without a doubt, Adamari Lopezwho over the years, continues to conquer millions of hearts. The Puerto Rican has become quite a sensation when we talk about fashion and style, and it is that lately he has surprised us with his outfits. Related news Since the actress … Read more

Sebastián Yatra began his concert tour in Spain with a full house

Sebastian Yatra joins the list of Colombian artists who have started their tour schedule around the world. The paisa singer was already in Mexico, where he presented the ‘Dharma Tour’ and now he is in Spain, country in which he has already presented two sold-out shows and has scheduled three more dates: Madrid, Calella de … Read more

Sebastián Yatra began his tour of Spain with a full house in Santiago de Compostela and a spectacular concert in Bilbao

Photo: Instagram @sebastianyatra Sebastian Yatra is celebrating the success of his international tour ‘Dharma tour’. After managing to fill almost all the stages of his concerts in Mexico, now he arrives stomping in Spain with 19 dates in total, of which two have already been completed and another three are completely sold out: Madrid, Calella … Read more

Ilse de Flans vanished in full concert

Ilse Olivo suffered a “heat stroke” in full presentation with Flans The public that attended this Friday June 17 at the GNP Insurance Forum of Merida, Yucatanwas able to enjoy the concert of the unexpected tourwhere the talents of flans and pandorathe two female pop groups highlights of the decade from the 80s in Spanish. … Read more

Happy music day! 10 musicals to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video and celebrate at full speed

This June 21 is celebrated the Day of Music, a celebration whose origin lies with the musician Joel Cohen, who in 1976 motivated different musical bands to play in the streets of Toulouse (France) during the two solstices that are celebrated each year, one with the arrival of summer on June 21 and the another … Read more

The video of the fainted Flans singer goes viral: Ilse is seen on the floor in full concert and causes concern among her fans | Music | Entertainment

Custard is a musical trio that had its moment of fame during the eighties, made up of Ilse Mary Olivo, Yvonne Guevara and Irma Hernandez. Currently, he is in the middle of the “Unexpected Tour”, for some cities of Mexicoin conjunction with Pandora, another female musical trio that was also successful in the eighties. And … Read more

“The fool with the blue wig”: Anuel AA offended a fan in full concert, this is the reason

Anuel AA has not stopped being a trend in social networks since his separation from the Colombian Karol G. The singer’s fans have been participants in what the artist publishes about his private life or what they live with him through concerts . On this occasion, the Puerto Rican again came out for insulting a … Read more