“La extorsión”: Guillermo Francella enciende un thriller de ritmo trepidante | RESEÑA

While there is hope Dennis Quaid in a story of

Al borde de cumplir treinta años como piloto de Aerolíneas Sudeste, Alejandro Petrossián (Guillermo Francella), ve en riesgo su jubilación, pero sobre todo su intachable trayectoria, cuando un examen médico arroja que ha empezado a perder la audición en uno de sus oídos. Tal vez por eso se atreve a pedirle a su doctora –quien … Read more

“The manager”: what critics say about the series starring Guillero Francella

1668440411 The manager what critics say about the series starring Guillero

Guillermo Francella plays “The Manager”, the new series by Duprat and Cohen. (Star Plus) Less than a month after the series premiered The one in charge, the show continues to be among the most watched titles on the entertainment platform. In its launch week, the production starring Guillermo Francella became the first original production of … Read more

Francella spoke about the criticism of a group of goalkeepers to the series El Encargado

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

An unusual controversy was generated this Wednesday with the criticism of a group of goalkeepers from Buenos Aires to the series “El Encargado”, starring Guillermo Francella in Star +. The group – which does not represent the union – said that the fiction, which they called a “disastrous story”, “does not represent them in the … Read more

The alleged letter from a group of managers against the new series by Guillermo Francella that went viral

The alleged letter from a group of managers against the

Guillermo Francella personifies Eliseo in The Manager, a man in charge of a kind and helpful building but who hides a different personality – Credits: @Star+ In The one in charge, the series of Star+ which premiered last week William Francella personifies Elysiumprecisely a manager of a building that shows a friendly and predisposed facade, … Read more

“The manager” with Guillermo Francella: The good and the bad of the new Star Plus series | REVIEW

The manager with Guillermo Francella The good and the bad

The broad streaming market today offers opportunities to show itself not only to young acting talents in Latin America and the rest of the world, but also to other more established ones, many of whom we used to see on the big screen, in emblematic series and programs. TV, or even showing off on the … Read more

A beautiful and simple dramatic comedy with Guillermo Francella available on Prime Video

It is true that William Francella, in recent years, he has broadened his horizons to various genres, proving that he is an actor of high caliber, with the talent to participate in projects of any genre. But despite this, due to his years of experience in comedy, it is probably the genre in which he … Read more

Guillermo Francella in his most original role: he voiced the villain of the animated film La gallina Turuleca

Guillermo Francella in his most original role he voiced the

There is always a first time for everything, even for a guy with as many years of career as William Francella (67). The popular actor gave his voice to the villain of the animated film The hen Turulecawhich has just been released and aims to revitalize the downtrodden box office of Argentine cinemas during the … Read more

Alone with Nicolás Francella and Gabriel Goity, protagonists of “En la mira”, a new Argentine psychological thriller

Alone with Nicolas Francella and Gabriel Goity protagonists of En

Nicolás Francella and Gabriel Goity spoke with Infobae about “En la mira”. After Echoes of a crime the new bet arrives Warner Bros. Pictures on Argentine soil, in the sights. It is in theaters and in June it will reach hbo max as did the aforementioned one, which was among the most viewed content on … Read more

Romina Fernandes, chosen by Guillermo Francella to compose his daughter in Granizo: “The criticism did not make me doubt my talent as an actress”

1649766959 Romina Fernandes chosen by Guillermo Francella to compose his daughter

That day he went to the theater and gave his performance of An Enemy of the People as always. At the end, already in dressing rooms, they told him that William Francella was in the audience and wanted to greet her. She received him, they talked for a few minutes and she never heard from … Read more

Guillermo Francella, on Granizo: “It must be the first time catastrophe cinema has been made in Argentina, and being up there with the rest of the world makes me feel very proud”

1648639090 Guillermo Francella on Granizo It must be the first time

The culture of cancellation. The vicissitudes of fame. A father who, after a tragic event and in search of explanations, left everything aside to be the best, even his own daughter. All wrapped in a nice gift paper, with a catastrophe movie bow. The more one enters into the plot of Hail, more layers are … Read more