“It’s so extreme”: Natalie Portman Reveals One Movie That She Can Never Forget Despite Starring Herself in Black Swan – FandomWire

Its so extreme Natalie Portman Reveals One Movie That She

It didn’t take Natalie Portman too long to find her footing in the realm of acting, following her powerful film debut in the Jean Reno-led Léon: The Professional. Since then, the Annihilation Star’s career has witnessed a plethora of classics, ranging from 2005’s V for Vendetta to Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which Portman explained pushed … Read more

Gal Gadot makes you forget about Wonder Woman with the first trailer for ‘Agent Stone’

Gal Gadot makes you forget about Wonder Woman with the

A new stage begins for Gal Gadot, an actress who introduced herself to the world as Wonder Woman, and now becomes the best secret agent in ‘Agent Stone’, the next Netflix movie. All of Netflix is ​​celebrating with its numerous announcements at TUDUM, the great event that is held year after year to give a … Read more

We always forget it exists, but Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet got back together 10 years after ‘Titanic’ in a movie that took 40 years to make.

The protagonists of what was the highest grossing film of all time worked together again a decade later, but not under the baton of James Cameron. Thinking of Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will always be associated with a single movie, titanicbut the truth is that, although we always forget that it exists, the actors, … Read more

We always forget that it exists, but this gem had a snack on ‘Avatar’: one of the best war movies of all time with four Marvel stars

We always forget that it exists but this gem had

At the 2010 Oscars, “In Hostile Ground” passed the top-grossing film of all time without breaking a sweat, winning in six categories. But sometimes we forget about the spectacular film by Kathryn Bigelow. Summit Entertainment It may be a bit strange to admit that an acclaimed film that won six Oscars, including the one that … Read more

Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre make you forget about socks in cans, their advice improves on Martha Debayle’s

Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre make you forget

In the last few days, you probably noticed that the presenter Martha debayle It became a trend on social networks, after it gave some advice to its followers for when they receive visits at home and they ask for a canned sodathen according to the also announcer your employees are instructed that your guests always … Read more

Marvel does not forget: Chadwick Boseman receives posthumous tribute

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Chadwick Aaron Boseman better known by his first name was an American actor, screenwriter and playwright with eighteen years of experience, appearing in series such as: “Law & Order”, “All My Children”, “Third Watch”, “CSI: NY” that had his boom thanks to his appearance in Marvel as King T’Chala alias “ Black Panther ” from … Read more

Andrés García aired the support that Anahí has ​​offered him and she replied: “Never forget who has been good to you”

Andres Garcia aired the support that Anahi has ​​offered him

RBD Andrés García worked together on a Televisa soap opera (Photos: Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial/@anahí) After announcing that I felt his end very close and shared his health problems that have even kept him in bed and under medical supervision on more than one occasion, Andres Garcia has made public the lack of support that celebrities like Luis … Read more

“Kill me that memory”: Peter Jackson considered going to hypnosis therapy to forget ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Kill me that memory Peter Jackson considered going to hypnosis

There are such strange experiences in life, that one wishes one could forget them altogether. We wish a gun thermometer to our forehead, kill “that memory of that bitter love.” No one escapes this, not even the great Peter Jacksonwho thought of even going to therapy to forget one of the most important events of … Read more

‘Toy Story’ has already given everything it can: I think Disney should let the saga die and forget about Woody and company for spin-offs

Luca is not a minor Pixar the studio abandons the

It was the first 3D computer-animated film, and a milestone in the history of cinema: ‘Toy Story’ not yet thirty years old it is already a classic, a masterpiece and an immovable pinnacle of animation. And the quality only increased: ‘Toy Story 2’ is a very worthy sequel and, much later, after a necessary break, … Read more