Ford recalls F-series SUVs and trucks due to damage

Ford is also recalling electric Mustang Mach-E SUVs due to a software issue that causes unwanted acceleration, deceleration or loss of driving power in all-wheel drive vehicles. Ford is asking owners of 350,000 vehicles to take them to dealers for repairs in three recalls, including some 39,000 cars that must be parked outdoors because their … Read more

Oscar Isaac’s Hair Was So Dreamy on the Set of ‘Star Wars’ Harrison Ford Swore It Was a Wig

Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac have made a hilarious connection through the Star Wars universe. While the two are a natural fit as brash space pilots, their behind-the-scenes exchanges showcase two Hollywood stars who know how to have fun while filming the iconic film series. At one point, Ford was so enthralled by Isaac’s hair … Read more

“Megalopolis”, the new film by Francis Ford Coppola, adds Adam Driver and a prestigious cast

Megalopolis the new film by Francis Ford Coppola adds Adam

The Godfather celebrated 50 years since its theatrical release. Among the celebrations, they released a remastered version of the work on the big screen, but they also presented the entire improved trilogy in digital format, physical editions and added it to the catalog of Paramount+. This platform, in turn, premiered the series The offer, which … Read more

VE: Very expensive ID.Buzz, Tesla recall, electric Harley, Land Rover Sport and Ford E-Transit

VE Very expensive IDBuzz Tesla recall electric Harley Land Rover

The electric Combi, aka Volkswagen ID Buzz, finally displays its prices in Europe and even boomers who partied in the 60s are likely to become disillusioned: the Cargo (utility) version therefore starts at €45,740 excluding tax, or €54,430 including tax and the classic model climbs to €64,581 including tax in the ID Buzz Prowith a … Read more

Harrison Ford to star in an Apple TV+ comedy

1649224786 Harrison Ford to star in an Apple TV comedy

Shrinking is the first series starring Ford! Thanks to streaming platforms, enjoying projects by the most legendary stars in the world of cinema is becoming more and more common. And Apple TV + seems determined to bring together the largest number of personalities. After having set the bar high with the protagonists of its first … Read more

The ‘Iranian Hulk’ cries on television after revealing that his parents are ashamed of him for being humiliated by Martyn Ford – , #1 In news of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Spanish.

1649056369 The Iranian Hulk cries on television after revealing that his

The weightlifter, whose real name is Sajjad Gharibi, will face movie star Ford, nicknamed the “scariest man in the world”on April 30 at the O2 Arena. Both traveled to Dubai in February to promote the super heavyweight fight where the situation turned violent. Gharibi, 30, was pushed to the ground and in turn lost touch … Read more

Kristen Stewart, the personification of the Ford Mustang

Kristen Stewart the personification of the Ford Mustang

Enzo Ferrari once said that the engine was the soul of a car, what gave it life. And there is more than one reason to think that the classic American sports car has its own strong personality. Few complemented each other like the muscle car and the Oscar-nominated actress for Spencer. Watch the video and … Read more

Francis Ford Coppola, the king of New Hollywood, finally gets his star on the Walk of Fame

Francis Ford Coppola the king of New Hollywood finally gets

It was surprising to find out that Francis Ford Coppola he did not have a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This anomaly was finally corrected this Monday. The director, one of the legends of the so-called New Hollywood, went sheltered by his family to the belated tribute of an industry that has … Read more

Francis Ford Coppola criticizes Marvel again and charges Dune and No Time to Die

Francis Ford Coppola criticizes Marvel again and charges Dune and

The movies going through a complex moment. Between the low attendance at movie theaters, the reign of streaming and the vacuum of original ideas that sometimes seems to haunt the industry, it generates great uncertainty for the future. This sometimes translates into fierce criticism from some old school filmmakers those who find it difficult to … Read more

Pourquoi Harrison Ford ne tient pas sa parole en tournant Indiana Jones 5

Pourquoi Harrison Ford ne tient pas sa parole en tournant

Indiana Jones 5 Mis à jour par Boris Szames le 21 janvier 2022 à 12h21. Crédits : Screen Rant Harrison Ford tient toujours ses promesses… Ou presque ! Car en tournant dans Indiana Jones 5 actuellement en pleine production, l’acteur au coeur de la saga se contredit. Explications. On ne compte plus les innombrables retards qui affectent … Read more