The intense romance that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher lived during the filming of Star Wars

In 1977, george lucas created one of the most iconic and important films in the science fiction genre. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, was the first in a saga of films that gave rise to an extensive franchise that continues today. At that time, it was released only by name starwars, but … Read more

‘The Fabelmans’: Laura Dern convinced David Lynch to play John Ford in Spielberg’s new

The Fabelmans Laura Dern convinced David Lynch to play John

Few cinephile events this season welcome the importance of The Fabelmansthe new work of steven spielberg as director. Not only because of the obvious, it is the new work of Steven Spielberg as a director, but because in this case we are witnessing a semi-autobiographical exercise in the style of so many that have been … Read more

Is Harrison Ford coming back? Disney Plus Confirms ‘Indiana Jones’ Series

Is Harrison Ford coming back Disney Plus Confirms Indiana Jones

Disney Plus does not want to end the year without a new wave of future productions. This time it was the turn of the ‘Indiana Jones’ live-action series, which is already being worked on, but… is Harrison Ford on board? From the updates of Encantada 2 with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, the star signing … Read more

Dracula: 30 years of the count in the hands of Francis Ford Coppola – La Tercera

Dracula 30 years of the count in the hands of

It was the time when he spent his free time participating in summer camps. Summer instances that did not have a merely recreational focus, but were aimed at children and adolescents with a special interest in acting. As a lover of dramaturgy, the Francis Ford Coppola of the mid-50s exercised the tasks of a guide … Read more

Harrison Ford is in for a major fight with his first Marvel movie

The world of Marvel was revolutionized with a surprising news and that is that Harrison Ford joins the MCU to take on the role of the general Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Rosswhich became vacant after the death of the actor William Hurt. The arrival of the star Indiana Jones It started as a rumor that was gaining … Read more

‘Captain America 4’: Harrison Ford joins Marvel succeeding William Hurt as General Ross

1666651717 Captain America 4 Harrison Ford joins Marvel succeeding William Hurt

He died last March William Hurt at 71 years old. He had a career full of memorable roles behind him and one of them was that of General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, whom he had first played in The incredible Hulk of 2008. As much as the film starring Edward Norton was then considered a misstep … Read more

Indiana Jones: Ke Huy Quan on moving meeting with Harrison Ford at D23

1666585810 Indiana Jones Ke Huy Quan on moving meeting with Harrison

Indiana Jones: Ke Huy Quan on moving meeting with Harrison Ford at D23 Ke Huy Quanknown by his stage name Jonathan Kequanis a South Vietnamese-American actor famous for his performance in two successful films of the 1980s: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (84%) from 1984 and The Goonies (68%) 1985. Despite having been … Read more

The actor of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom spoke of the reunion with Harrison Ford

in 1984 Indiana Jones He presented his second film at the cinema, The Temple of Doom. In this adventure, Indy ends up in India, while he is accompanied by little Short Round (Ke Huy Quan) and the singer Wilhelmina “Willie” Scott (Kate Capshaw). The film swept the box office, grossing over $330 million. The critics … Read more

Harrison Ford Coming to Marvel Studios for Two MCU Projects

This documentary can help you love the Holy Mass much

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 16.10.2022 22:55:11 Two giants who are making history in the cinema come together, because we recently found out that Harrison Ford would have reached an agreement to join the cast of two films of the MCU Phase 5, Captain America: A new world order and Thunderbolts. The iconic actor developed … Read more

Francis Ford Coppola’s new film adds more stars to the cast

Since 2011 that Francis Ford Coppola does not release anything new, so “Megalopolis” It’s quite an event no actor would want to be left out. As the cast is being finalized, Deadline confirmed that Dustin Hoffmann, isabel kusman, DB Sweeney, Bailey Ives and the figure of “Saturday Night Live”, Chloe Fineman, join the cast that … Read more