The particular reason why George Clooney “forbidden” his wife to see one of his films

1633508554 The particular reason why George Clooney forbidden his wife to

George Clooney revealed which of his films prevents him from seeing his wife, lawyer Amal Alamuddin George Clooney has an extensive and successful filmography. However, there is one of the films he starred in that, according to himself, he does not want his wife to see. Amal Alamuddin reported in an interview that the Hollywood … Read more

Dune in 15 figures: 4 days of filming for Zendaya, 19 opponents for Jason Momoa, a forbidden zone for the first time in the cinema …

Dune in 15 figures 4 days of filming for Zendaya

A film-event awaited for several decades by science fiction fans and Frank Herbert readers, Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” is finally landing on French screens, with a few figures which illustrate the scope of the project. Warner Bros. 165 000 000 : the estimated cost (in dollars) of Dune, the biggest budget of Denis Villeneuve’s career ahead … Read more

‘Forbidden to prohibit’: AMLO on massive concerts despite third wave COVID-19

1630020153 Forbidden to prohibit AMLO on massive concerts despite third wave

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reiterated that his government will continue with its policy of prohibiting prohibition after being questioned about his opinion on the concert massive on Baja California, despite the third wave that the country is experiencing due to the pandemic COVID-19. We recommend you: AMLO rules out second dose of CanSino … Read more

The story of María Félix’s forbidden film that everyone remembers, but few speak

The story of Maria Felixs forbidden film that everyone remembers

The name of Maria Felix It is written in gold letters in Mexican cinema. Putting national cinematography in style and attracting the spotlight to Latin America at a time when Hollywood, in full swing, monopolized each and every one of the relevant productions, the role of ‘Maria Bonita‘was the cornerstone in a project that decorated … Read more