12 years after separating, Flor Bertotti told how her relationship is today with Guido Kaczka and how they manage the upbringing of their son Romeo

florence Bertotti Y guide Kaczka They were one of the most beloved couples in the scene, both young, beautiful and sparkling. And with all the future ahead. However, their love ended abruptly, without giving further explanations or excuses. But today, in Partners of the show, the actress was consulted about how her relationship with the … Read more

Flor Peña’s blunt message at the beginning of La pu*@ ama, her new cycle: “If you find it offensive…”

At 22 punctual, and once finished THE Mstarted the pu*@ lovesthe program with which Florence Pena disembarks in America. In this new proposal, the actress seeks to give her stamp to a typical late night. In this way, through monologues, sketches, interviews and guests, Peña is encouraged to a format that is not the easiest … Read more

A hot video of Silvina Luna and Flor Peña was leaked and there is a flower of scandal: the images!

A hot video of Silvina Luna and Flor Pena was

Sunday, April 10, 2022 10:00 Florence Pena She has become the ambassador of an adult platform and many celebrities have followed in her footsteps. Cande Tinelli, Silvina Moon, Silvina Escudero and Adabel Guerrero. Although they are not all part of the same application, they are part of a new community without taboos. Related news When … Read more

Flor de la V struck down Amalia Granata live: “To you and to everyone”

Flor de la V struck down Amalia Granata live To

V flower lashed out at hate speech towards trans people Amalia Granata in a spicy public release. on the air in Intruders (America TV)the driver did not save anything. “To you and to all,” he pointed out in clear reference to the provincial deputy’s attack on her person. Amalia Granata’s transphobia was fully exposed in … Read more

Flor de Rap, la artista que inaugurará Lollapalooza: “Hay que ser sorora de verdad. No decir ser así y por detrás no apañar” – La Tercera

1647557013 Flor de Rap la artista que inaugurara Lollapalooza Hay que

Ángela Lucero, conocida artísticamente como Flor de Rap, sabe bien lo que significa tener calle. Su compleja historia personal, retratada en su canción autobiográfica Inmarchitable, no fue impedimento para que Lucero construyera un camino dentro del rap y la música urbana bajo la bandera de la resiliencia. Nominada en los Premios Pulsar del 2021en la … Read more

La reacción de Griselda Sicialini cuando Flor Peña le preguntó sobre Luciano Castro

La reaccion de Griselda Sicialini cuando Flor Pena le pregunto

La actriz insultó a la conductora de Flor de equipo Griselda Sicialini fue invitada a Flor de equipo, el programa conducido por Florencia Peña por la pantalla de Telefe. En esta oportunidad, la actriz habló de su regreso al teatro el próximo 18 de febrero con su espectáculo propio Pura sangre en el teatro Multitabarís. … Read more

Flor de la V debutó al frente de Intrusos: su blooper en la apertura, la anécdota con Alejandra Pradón y la emoción frente al repaso de su vida

Flor de la V responded to Susana Gimenez after she

A 22 años de su inicio, Intrusos en el Espectáculo tuvo hoy un nuevo comienzo: luego de un año con la dupla conformada por Rodrigo Lussich y Adrián Pallares al frente del programa, arrancó hoy la gestión de Florencia de la V. “Ahora sí, la elegida para comandar Intrusos… Dos potencias se juntan. Una artista … Read more

Flor de la V responded to Susana Giménez after she refused to greet her

Flor de la V responded to Susana Gimenez after she

started this monday a new era for Intruders in the Show. After the departure of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, who were in charge of the cycle during the last time, Florence of the V debuted as host of the famous gossip show. To surprise her on her first day, one of the reporters asked … Read more

Ángel de Brito, sharp against Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

Angel de Brito sharp against Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

Angel de Brito, journalist from Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM) he opined on the new romance between Luciano Castro placeholder image and Flor Vigna, which was confirmed just a few days ago. On social media, they caused such a stir that their names became a trend, and other public figures, such as Carmen Barbieri … Read more

Pepe Aguilar: how was his childhood and the relationship he had with his parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre

Pepe Aguilar how was his childhood and the relationship he

How was the childhood of Pepe Aguilar? The Mexican singer has become the patriarch of the Aguilar Dynasty. His influence and dominance in regional Mexican music has achieved this with work and dedication, but it was also, at first, the inheritance of his parents, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, as it will be later with … Read more