Guinness record with Venezuelan flavor: 414 musicians form the largest folk band in the world

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

EFE Latam Videos Pedro Pastor: Latin America inspires me “musically, humanly and poetically” San Juan, Nov 9 (EFE).- The Spanish singer-songwriter Pedro Pastor assures in an interview with EFE that Latin America inspires him “musically, humanly and poetically”, in the midst of a tour of the region that has led him to perform for the … Read more

Sitges 2022: all the magic of the Festival has returned in an edition full of great cinema, surprises and a flavor of old normality

Sitges 2022 all the magic of the Festival has returned

As always happens on a Monday around this time of the year, once again I am forced to look back with nostalgia at what has happened over just the last ten days, and to type a text that condenses what it has meant a new edition of my beloved Sitges Festival that has just ended … Read more

‘A joint life with a woman’s flavor’, a documentary about the role of women in Cordoban culture

A joint life with a womans flavor a documentary about

Image: Screenshot. On Sunday, August 14, in Potocine, the community movie theater in the Potosí neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar in the south of Bogotá, the premiere A life of joint flavored with womena documentary in which the children and adolescents of the Villa Jiménez neighborhood of Montería (Córdoba) delve into the life of María Varilla, … Read more

Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior, Renée Zellweger’s desperation and all the secrets of a classic with a revenge flavor

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruises obsessive behavior Renee Zellwegers desperation and

A film based on the world of sports, which in turn was a romantic film and at the same time touched on a sensitive issue such as morality and humanity in the business world. In 1996, Jerry Maguire came to the big screen to break paradigms and to propose a new way of making movies. … Read more

‘File 81’ and ‘New Cherry Flavor’: How Netflix’s Most Disturbing Miniseries Talk About the Demonic Magnetism of Movies

1642878574 File 81 and New Cherry Flavor How Netflixs Most Disturbing

Netflix releases horror productions almost constantly: it is a fashionable genre and sometimes it is difficult to separate the grain from the chaff between so many haunted houses, spectral curses and neighbors with evil intentions. But there is two recently released miniseries (‘File 81’, just a few days ago, and ‘New cherry flavor’, last summer) … Read more

[VIDEO – MÚSICA] Orlando Hurtado, lead singer of the Lebrón and Delirio Brothers, returns with all the swing and flavor in “The queen that I like”

VIDEO MUSICA Orlando Hurtado lead singer of the Lebron

ORLANDO HURTADO, the sonero from Cali and lead singer of important Colombian orchestras such as “The Lebrón Brothers” and “Delirium”, He returns this time with his new musical launch as a soloist “The Queen I Like”, Under the seal Cuaryen. The artist presents in “The Queen I Like”, A mixture with strong Cuban sounds, where … Read more

‘Sex Education’ is still a joy: season 3 of the Netflix series maintains all its virtues and leaves a certain flavor of farewell

1631956055 Sex Education is still a joy season 3 of the

The third season of ‘Sex Education’ has finally reached Netflix. 18 months have passed since the launch of the second one to see how the story of Otis, Maeve and company in Moordale continues. It is clear that this longer wait than usual has been due to the delays caused in the audiovisual world by … Read more

‘New cherry flavor’ (Netflix): the delicious and the terrible of the most bizarre series of the summer

1629212922 New cherry flavor Netflix the delicious and the terrible of

The best horror series classified according to the fear they will put you through Nothing devours innocent lives like Hollywood. We know this from his own movies, from classics like Twilight of the gods to more recent like Mulholland Drive O The Neon Demon. Innocent youths arrive at the movie mecca and are engulfed by … Read more

‘New cherry flavor’, the new Netflix series that everyone talks about

New cherry flavor the new Netflix series that everyone talks

We want to give you a tremendous warning before reading further: this series is not for everyone. And it is that, as we all know, the catalog of Netflix It is very wide and varied so that everyone can find their best content. Summer on this platform is full of premieres as a gift for … Read more

‘New cherry flavor’: fear and loathing in Los Angeles

New cherry flavor fear and loathing in Los Angeles

The fox has taken a cat!, is the phrase of the year and New cherry flavor one of the most unique series of a profuse summer in premieres. The architects of working the rare miracle of originality are Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) y Lenore Zion (Ray Donovan), that with its free adaptation of the novel … Read more