The Flash: first fan reactions confirm that the movie is spectacular and epic | tomatoes

The Flash first fan reactions confirm that the movie is

In the United States, some fans were already able to attend special screenings of The Flash, and have expressed their opinions on social networks, confirming what critics had already said since they saw the production almost a month ago, that it is a superhero movie. special, spectacular and epic. You may also like: The Flash: … Read more

‘The Flash’: Michael Shannon (General Zod) habla sobre la polémica de Ezra Miller

The Flash Michael Shannon General Zod habla sobre la polemica

The Flash marcará el reinicio del Universo Extendido de DC bajo la dirección de James Gunn. Si bien las primeras reacciones de la crítica son positivas, la película ha sido una de las más polémicas de los últimos años. Los escándalos de Ezra Miller amenazaron la producción, y hoy uno de sus compañeros del set … Read more

‘Flash’, first reactions

Flash first reactions

Next June 16, DC returns to the big screen with the premiere of Flash, speedster hero solo adventure ezra miller which will address one of the most important arcs of the character in the comics: Flashpoint. In it, the protagonist returns to the past to save his mother’s life, a decision that will have devastating … Read more

Tom Cruise has already been able to see ‘The Flash’, and as soon as he finished he had to call his director to tell him a couple of things

Tom Cruise has already been able to see The Flash

There is no doubt that, after the setback of ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, DC needs to start building interest in ‘The Flash’ now, so the movie doesn’t hit the box office. The film, which seemed cursed after the fall from grace of Ezra Miller, seems to be getting off the … Read more

The Flash: Confused, Michael Shannon looks back on his return to General Zod | Geek Lands

The Flash Confused Michael Shannon looks back on his return

The movie trailer The Flash ofAndy Muschietti was recently unveiled by DC Movies with its share of surprises. Long in suspense because of the multiple escapades of Ezra Millerthe interpreter of Barry Allenthe film will arrive in our cinemas from June 14, 2023. The fans of DCin addition to likely witnessing the universe reset, are … Read more

‘I thought he was dead’: Michael Shannon talks about his return as Zod in ‘The Flash’

I thought he was dead Michael Shannon talks about his

Flashwhich include Michael Keaton as Batman and Ezra Miller As DC Comics’ major scarlet runner, we’ll be presented with a story with a strong emphasis on multiverses and alternate realities. Considered one of the best superhero movies by James Gunn, the new boss of DC Studios, the tape will include several versions of different characters, … Read more

The Flash’ and Ezra Miller are key to DC’s future, like it or not.

For now, the feature film The Flashof Andres Muschietti, is one of the few survivors of the restructuring of DC Extended Universe. Despite the fact that its main actor, Ezra Miller, went through a difficult legal year, marked by scandals and rather inappropriate behavior for which he ended up apologizing. But, while other actors are … Read more

The Flash: Ezra Miller escapes prison by accepting this substantial sentence

At the heart of many high-profile cases, which have seriously tarnished his reputation, Ezra Miller finally escapes prison. That doesn’t mean he has no pain though! The Flash : Ezra Miller pleads guilty Among the stars who made the most headlines in 2022, we can name you Will Smith and his slap at the Oscars, … Read more

The Flash season 9 trailer

1673547900 The Flash season 9 trailer

Share0 The Flash season 9 The last season of The Flash will be released very soon and we can already see the spectacular trailer that anticipates ‘the last race’. In 2011 the series premiered Arrow and thanks to his success, other heroes of DC Comics They had their own programs. That’s why it started Flash … Read more