Anya Taylor-Joy and Kendall Jenner set the networks on fire with their Halloween costumes

Anya Taylor Joy and Kendall Jenner set the networks on fire

Halloween was celebrated all weekend and there was no shortage of costumes in Hollywood; from Toy Story to Mario Bros, this is how Anya Taylor-Joy, Kendall Jenner and other stars of the medium dressed up. Halloween falls on a Monday, but the weekend was full of parties to celebrate the special day that is the … Read more

Fire: the movie with José Coronado that you have to see if you like revenge stories

throughout the years Jose Coronado He gained fame by becoming one of the most acclaimed Spanish performers in that country. However, his popularity began to get bigger thanks to platforms like Netflix, where millions of people were able to discover his talent and consume his works. In this way he became an acclaimed star in … Read more

TCL launches its new Smart TVs with integrated Fire TV

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

The Chinese technology company is in the midst of launching new TV models, with all the current tools and applications certified by Dolby and Amazon, who have integrated their Fire TV into TVs. TCL today announced a new agreement with Amazon to create a new series of TV Smart with Fire TV included. TCL will … Read more

Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning will work together again after almost 20 years of ‘Man on Fire’

Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning will work together again after

Man on Firefrom 2004, was a film that brutally portrayed organized crime in Mexico, with Denzel Washington (49 years old at the time) adopting the role of the stoic vigilante of the moment and Dakota Fanning (nine years old then), that of the little damsel in distress. 18 years after the premiere of the film, … Read more

Charly García turns 71: the musician who set fire to Argentine rock

Charly Garcia turns 71 the musician who set fire to

In the 1970s, he formed nothing less than Sui Generis, Porsuigieco, La Máquina de Hace Pajaros and Serú Girán. Since 1982 he became a soloist and little by little he became a legend. He is currently finalizing details of a new album. Charlie Garcia he did not say “Vini vidi vici” (it was Julius Caesar), … Read more

Almost 20 years after “Man on Fire”: the film that brings together Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning

Almost 20 years after Man on Fire the film that

In 2004, 20th Century Fox premiered “a man on fire” (“Man on Fire” in its original language), a film starring Denzel Washington Y Dakota Fanning which was one of the biggest box office hits of that year. The film, which was also attended by several United States celebsWhat Mark Anthony and Mickey Rourke was based … Read more

Meet in the bestial car with which Jessica Alba sets the internet on fire

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

recommended Jessica Alba, world-renowned actress, set the internet on fire with a beastly sports car. She Slides and knows what vehicle we are talking about! October 21, 2022 4:45 p.m. One of the most remembered actresses for very pochocleras films that did not end up transcending has been Jessica Alba, who is remembered for lousy … Read more

The Caravan of Fire: John Wayne and Kirk Douglas got confused on the set

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Released in 1967, “The Caravan of Fire” sees two monsters of American cinema team up: John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. However, behind the scenes, the tension on set was far more explosive. The Caravan of Fire : a legendary duo Burt Kennedy is neither the best known nor the most prestigious of American directors. However, … Read more

Who left “Sacred Fire”?; celiac participant had to work with flour and was eliminated

What is Elon Musks controversial plan for the Brazilian

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. Sebastian Cameraa photographer from the Buceo neighborhood, became the new eliminated from Sacred Fire after a very … Read more

Ferrari, on fire for what Will Smith and Martin Lawrence did to one of their models

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Recommended Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starred in one of the most hilarious scenes in cinema when the second shot a Ferrari from the inside, something that the Italian manufacturer did not like. He slides and looks at how this car turned out. October 08, 2022 9:22 p.m. According to a count made by GQ … Read more