She asks for help on TikTok to find the boy she liked at the Grupo Firme del Zócalo concert

She asks for help on TikTok to find the boy

During the free concert Grupo Firme in the Zócalo of Mexico City many unprecedented things happenedand it even seems that love arose between two fans who came that day. It was the TikTok user @anneth_carreno who on September 27 shared a recording in which she can be seen at the event along with the legend: … Read more

Find out what is the requirement that Viola Davis carried for months

Find out what is the requirement that Viola Davis carried

Viola Davis is the clear example that ‘wanting is power’ in recent days her daily routine was known to maintain a radiant and healthy figure in the midst of the premiere of her new leading role with ‘The woman King’, the actress was sharing various routines in which he physically prepared himself to face the … Read more

Yuri and the embarrassment of the cockroach: even Thalía called her to find out what happened

Yuri and the embarrassment of the cockroach even Thalia called

Exists a video of Yuri that has gone viral. And before you guys say “uh, now what did he say against the LGBTQ+ community?”, he’s not going there (so far). Its about Tremendous scare that the Mexican singer had in full concert when a cockroach walked on her body. Aaaaay! Yuri is currently touring different … Read more

The IMPOSSIBLE visual riddle: find the word I SPIT hidden in the image – TyC Sports

The IMPOSSIBLE visual riddle find the word I SPIT hidden.webp

Pay attention to find the word I SPIT that is hidden in the image, which went viral. It is increasingly common that in social networks you find different visual challenges, which are quite a challenge for the mind and ingenuity. Next, we leave you the following riddle that became … Read more

A boy gets lost in the crowd and a music band chants his father’s name to find him: “Eduardo, come look for Juan Cruz”

A boy gets lost in the crowd and a music

It is very usual that little kids get lost in the crowds. When it happens in shopping centers, it is easier to find them, since by public address they can notify the family to come and pick them up at an exact point. But getting lost on the street has its complications. This has happened … Read more

Songs of sirens inspire the latest single from the Colombian band DePailots »Here you find out first!

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

The muses of the sea, who used their songs to trap sailors in the ocean, inspired the new song by the Colombian ska punk band DePailots, which under the title of ‘Syrena’ explores funk and jazz sounds. The song that was born in a jam where the members of the group implemented funk with the … Read more

Tom Holland quits social media: ‘I find Instagram and Twitter overwhelming’

Viola Davis in talks with HBO Max for an Amanda

celebrities Tom Holland took advantage of his social networks to express that these same media generate a lot of anxiety and that is why he will stay away from the Internet for a while. By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 08/14/2022 – 22:40 UTC 08/14/2022 – 22:40 UTC © @tomholland2013Tom Holland By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Tom Holland … Read more

The Colombian band Invers reflects on love in their new single ‘Scream your memory’ » Here you find out first!

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

The Colombian alternative rock band Invers reappears on the scene with new music after having spent the first half of the year creating songs that show the sound evolution, identity and new horizon of the project. The group, founded in Bogotá and currently made up of Joan Aguilar (vocals), Felipe Peña (bass), David Lozano (drums) … Read more