Christoph Waltz, Willem Dafoe and Carmelo Gómez star in films competing at the Saraqusta Film Festival

Christoph Waltz Willem Dafoe and Carmelo Gomez star in films

ZARAGOZA, March 21 (EUROPA PRESS) – The actor Christoph Waltz, who has the Oscar for Best Actor incast twice for ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and ‘Django Unchained’; Omar Sy, who is the star of the movie ‘Untouchable’ or the series ‘Lupin’; Willem Dafoe who stars in ‘Van Gogh, at the gates of eternity’; the actress Rachel Brosnahan … Read more

Oscar 2023: the award-winning films this year that can be seen in streaming

Oscar 2023 the award winning films this year that can

► YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: The Netflix series that has only 8 episodes and everyone is talking about it Winning Movies Streamable on Netflix No news at the front. It won the Oscar for best international film (award to which Argentina aspired in 1985) photography, soundtrack and best production design. Quiet front, netflix, oscar awards.jpg … Read more

Top des meilleurs films de Natalie Portman – CinéSéries

Top des meilleurs films de Natalie Portman CineSeries

Natalie Portman brille sur les écrans depuis l’âge de 12 ans. L’actrice a joué dans plus de 60 films, entre drames, blockbusters ou comédies. Découvrez ici une liste composée de certains de ses meilleurs films. – Léon (1994) Natalie Portman a fait sa première apparition au cinéma dans le film Léon (1994) de Luc Besson. Elle n’avait que … Read more

Top 10 des films et séries TV à voir avec la chanteuse Lady Gaga

Top 10 des films et series TV a voir avec

Vous cherchez la filmographie entière de la chanteuse Lady Gaga avec tous ses films et séries ? Voici la liste complète ! Actuellement âgée de 36 ans, la chanteuse Lady Gaga, de son vrai nom Stefani Germanotta, est une artiste complète à l’univers finement pensé. Un peu trash, mais toujours classe, celle qui se montre … Read more

The 5 best films of Ana de Armas, the Cuban actress who succeeds in Hollywood

1674755079 The 5 best films of Ana de Armas the Cuban

Ana de Armas It was one of the biggest surprises of the Academy Award nominations, as it displaced Viola Davis from the list of competitors for “Best Actress in a Leading Role.” Your interpretation as Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde” It is what has brought her here, but she has other films that you will surely … Read more

Shame, Hunger… In January, Steve McQueen’s greatest films are on UniversCiné

To see on Disney from January 13 to 19

Steve McQueen, awarded at Cannes and at the Oscars, is this month in the spotlight on UniversCiné. A perfect opportunity to discover the little-known nuggets of the director of 12 Years a Slave. The acclaimed director of 12 Years a Slave, winner of no less than 15 awards (including the Best Picture Oscar) in 2014, … Read more

It is one of the best action films of recent years and of Pedro Pascal’s filmography: a great sequel that surpasses its predecessor is coming to Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the best action films of recent

The action cinema Hollywood continues to give us great joy from time to time, but it is true that the brutal dominance of the superhero figure has led to more and more space. One of the most recent cases that I remember is that of ‘The Equalizer 2’a sequel superior to the one already in … Read more

This is how Bruce Willis hid his aphasia while filming his last films: the actor secretly dealt with his disease

1673969239 This is how Bruce Willis hid his aphasia while filming

Bruce Willis announced that yesand withdrew from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia last year. Hollywood held its breath to see how one of its great stars, an icon of action cinema of the eighties and nineties, had kept her serious illness a secret. now while the actor’s health deteriorates rapidlywe know how Willis dealt … Read more

Tom Hanks questions why “nobody” talks about one of his most “tremendously important” films

1673900471 Tom Hanks questions why nobody talks about one of his

Tom Hanks he pointed out which of his movies he thinks doesn’t get enough praise. The actor has been a regular fixture in hollywood since the late 1980s, and has racked up roles in high-profile films such as Big, toy story, Saving Private Ryan Y Catch Me If You Can. He won two consecutive Oscars … Read more

The ‘Rambo of Russia’, actor in one of Putin’s favorite films, says he would now fight for Ukraine

The Rambo of Russia actor in one of Putins favorite

What do the Russians think about the invasion of Ukraine? 3:08 (CNN) — Russian actor Artur Smolyaninov was the star of one of President Vladimir Putin’s favorite films: about a Soviet unit in a last stand against Afghan insurgents. He is now classified as “foreign agent” and faces a criminal investigation. Smolyaninov was the hero … Read more