The important figure that could be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It has great projects for the new phase and for the coming years. New figures are added, others return to their classic characters, meanwhile fans are waiting for the new movies that are coming. Meanwhile, other iconic comic book characters hope to make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among … Read more

With an enviable figure, this Cuban actress was the first rumbera of the Cine de Oro and paved the way for “Tongolele”

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The golden cinema in Mexico as one of the most important in the world and within the seventh art, this because it addressed various social problems and also managed to entertain people. However, new trends also began as the years went by, as happened with the rumbera cinema, where they managed to highlight figures within … Read more

El Trece made a decision after the controversy between Juana Viale and a valuable figure

Juana Viale He arrived at El Trece with great enthusiasm after the channel decided to renew his contract together with Mirtha Legrand’s. The surprise is that Chiquita stayed with the Saturday nights and her granddaughter took the space that the figure had in the Sunday lunches. His debut on the show hasn’t gone over well, … Read more

The Tavernes gang recovers the figure of the Muse and implants that of Muso for the first time

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There is no doubt that the new board of directors of the Societat Instructiva Unió Musical (SIUM) of Tavernes de la Valldigna has assumed its role as head of the entity with the aim of breaking moulds. If the very fact that its new president, María Luisa Mifsud Tormo, already did so by being the … Read more

The millionaire figure that Axl Rose and Slash would have raised with the Guns n’ Roses tour

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Filed in: Axl Rose • Guns N’ Roses • slash • Guns N’ Roses It was one of the bands that returned to do concerts after the break that the industry had due to the coronavirus pandemic. The group returned to South America and is touring the world. Colombians already had the opportunity to enjoy … Read more

Rammstein and the millionaire figure he charges for a concert

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Written in CELEBRITIES the 9/10/2022 06:00 a.m. Ramstein recently visited the Mexico City to delight his loyal fans with three concerts full of light, special effects and lots of music. The 65 thousand attendees who were able to witness the show of the German rock band say that it was a unique showin which Kruspe, … Read more

This is the MILLIONAIRE figure that Rammstein charges for each concert

Some of the most anticipated and acclaimed shows of the year have been those offered Ramstein in this month of October at the Foro Sol in CDMX, because they not only captivated the public with their famous metal songs, but also with their spectacular scenery. So while the euphoria of these presentations continues, the millionaire … Read more

The Empress: the Netflix series that revives the mythical figure of Elizabeth of Austria

The Empress the Netflix series that revives the mythical figure

Waiting for the new season of the successful Bridgerton, Netflix bet on another period drama, this time covered in history: The Empressthe series that revives the figure of Elizabeth of Bavaria. Who would go down in history as the Empress of Austria and Queen consort of Hungaryamong other noble titles, and would inspire several films, … Read more

The Serpent Queen: the series that explores the truth behind the myths about the controversial figure of Catherine de Medici

The Serpent Queen the series that explores the truth behind

The Serpent Queenthe new historical miniseries from StarzPlay -a tradition that has already become the brand of the platform-, explores the life and reign of one of the most controversial monarchs of the French Renaissance: Catherine de’ Medici. Nicknamed “The Serpent Queen”, she was one of the most powerful women of the Valois dynasty, in … Read more

Dwayne Johnson’s Life-Size Black Adam Figure Looks Surprisingly Real | Pretty Reel

Dwayne Johnsons Life Size Black Adam Figure Looks Surprisingly Real

A life-size Black Adam figurine created by Muckle Mannequins shows Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero character in an incredibly lifelike depiction. Dwayne Johnson’s likeness is molded into a stunningly lifelike mannequin for Black Adam. There has been a plethora of unique promotional material for Black Adam in the lead up to the film’s October release. While there … Read more