Video: the embarrassing fight that took place at a Rosalía concert in the United States

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A concert, in the middle of the musical tour Motomami World Tour –the third round of shows live with which he will visit Europe, North America and Latin America-, of the renowned Spanish singer Rosalía, was “stained” by an embarrassing fight that generated disorder and chaos among the audience. The events occurred during a presentation … Read more

Fight between Marvel and Sony for the rights of Spider-Man

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

The rights to Spider-Man have once again sparked the fight between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. What’s going on? There Is A Battle Between Marvel Studios And Sony Pictures Over The Rights To Spider-Man. Both studies seem to have solved their differences when it comes to sharing characters. Or at least we thought so. … Read more

The fight has begun: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare for Deadpool 3

The fight has begun Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare

Deadpool 3 is about to start its production stage and the protagonists Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already heating up social networks. Follow the uncertainty around Dead Pool 3 and its protagonists, instead of clarifying doubts, only turn on the audience more. Since the beginning of the expectation campaign, the same Ryan Reynolds He … Read more

In LéNA this week: Viola Davis’ fight for black women and women

The “LéNA” program this week, available this Saturday with your newspaper “Le Soir” and now in digital. Discover the best of European journalism. Steve Vas/Imago/Future Image By the editor Published on 28/10/2022 at 06:00 Reading time: 2 mins DSince 2009, she has been nominated four times for the Oscars (she is the most nominated African-American … Read more

Sofía Vergara remembered her fight against cancer with an emotional photo

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Sofia Vergara She is one of the Colombian actresses who has had the greatest projection in the entertainment world, appearing in recognized productions and sharing the screen with great actors. But what many people may not have known is that in the past he was fighting cancera complicated episode of his life that he remembers … Read more

Molotov stars in a fight with the Chilean band Les Miserables in full concert

Molotov stars in a fight with the Chilean band Les

Molotov is giving something to talk about, after a video went viral in which they apparently have a confrontation with Les Miserables, a Chilean band, this during the Renace Festival, which took place a few days ago in Espacio Marina, Concepción, a town in Chile. According to information shared on social networks, the incident occurred … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2022: Yusef and Cuchao FIGHT live at Venga la Alegría (VIDEO)

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while the last four survivors fight to reach the finalhe of Survivor Mexico 2022, outside of it the former participants have begun to take out all the dirty laundry in the sun and in a live interview on Venga la Alegría, Yusef and Cuchao told each other everything they had been keeping about each other, … Read more

Argentina, 1985 has not yet been released but it has already generated a media fight

“Argentina, 1985” will be released in some Argentine theaters on September 29. The first inconvenience experienced by the film that promises to be the highest grossing national in 2022 was that four movie chains refused to show it in their theaters, unhappy with the window, for them narrow, that there will be between the premiere … Read more