Sam Neill, actor of ‘Jurassic Park’, and his fight against cancer: “I’m probably dying”

1679108205 Sam Neill actor of Jurassic Park and his fight against

Sam Neill, famous Jurassic Park actor, presented his book “Did I Ever Tell You This?” (“Have I ever told you this?” in Spanish), in which he shared shocking revelations that left his fans shocked. Among them, he mentioned that he has been fighting lymphatic cancer in stage 3 of it. “The thing is, I’m wrong. … Read more

The evolution of Miley Cyrus: from child star to fight against drugs and consolidate as a pop icon with “Endless Summer Vacation”

The evolution of Miley Cyrus from child star to fight

Drafting BBC News World 1 hour image source, Getty Images To describe Miley Cyrus (Tennessee, 1992) journalists and music critics often agree on the same word: chameleonic. At 30, the actress has also gone through physical, musical and personal changes so significant which is compared to stars like David Bowie and Madonna. Like them, the … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to fight dragons in Damsel, the new Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to fight dragons in Damsel

Netflix presents a trailer loaded with the films that he prepares for this 2023one of them is Damsel, the new collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown. Considering the success of stranger things Y Enola Holmes, the streaming platform added one more project to have Millie as the protagonist. In the midst of the pandemic, Netflix reported … Read more

Keanu Reeves and the fight (and physical demand) that is coming in the Spin-Off John Wick ‘Ballerina’

Keanu Reeves and the fight and physical demand that is

The John Wick spinoff, ‘Ballerina’, which is sounding very intriguing, finally has one of its protagonists, Ana de Armas, telling (something!): what a great fight sequence has been like… against a certain Keanu Reeves. Starring Keanu, Lance Reddick, Ian McShane and Angelica Huston as their respective John Wick characters, as well as Norman Reedus (The … Read more

The ‘Rambo of Russia’, actor in one of Putin’s favorite films, says he would now fight for Ukraine

The Rambo of Russia actor in one of Putins favorite

What do the Russians think about the invasion of Ukraine? 3:08 (CNN) — Russian actor Artur Smolyaninov was the star of one of President Vladimir Putin’s favorite films: about a Soviet unit in a last stand against Afghan insurgents. He is now classified as “foreign agent” and faces a criminal investigation. Smolyaninov was the hero … Read more

Video: the embarrassing fight that took place at a Rosalía concert in the United States

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A concert, in the middle of the musical tour Motomami World Tour –the third round of shows live with which he will visit Europe, North America and Latin America-, of the renowned Spanish singer Rosalía, was “stained” by an embarrassing fight that generated disorder and chaos among the audience. The events occurred during a presentation … Read more

Fight between Marvel and Sony for the rights of Spider-Man

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

The rights to Spider-Man have once again sparked the fight between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. What’s going on? There Is A Battle Between Marvel Studios And Sony Pictures Over The Rights To Spider-Man. Both studies seem to have solved their differences when it comes to sharing characters. Or at least we thought so. … Read more

The fight has begun: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare for Deadpool 3

The fight has begun Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare

Deadpool 3 is about to start its production stage and the protagonists Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already heating up social networks. Follow the uncertainty around Dead Pool 3 and its protagonists, instead of clarifying doubts, only turn on the audience more. Since the beginning of the expectation campaign, the same Ryan Reynolds He … Read more