Hands up!: the robbery of the great concerts and festivals or how neoliberalism operates in all its splendor

1674116283 Hands up the robbery of the great concerts and festivals

We have gotten used to it: the prices of concert tickets for the most anticipated musicians are skyrocketing. Also some festivals. The prices are exorbitant. The last case has been Madonna’s tourannounced this Tuesday, in which tickets range between 46 euros for the cheapest and 340 euros for the most expensive, not counting all the … Read more

The film that triumphed and moved international festivals has arrived on Netflix

1674049675 The film that triumphed and moved international festivals has arrived

The streaming platform has an extensive catalog of series and movies. There you can find a large number of titles, and recently one that you cannot miss was added. The Kings of the world, by director Laura Mora Ortega, became one of the great revelations of the year 2022 for Colombian cinema. It triumphed at … Read more

Viña vs Cosquín: The first edition of the duel of rock festivals arrives

Vina vs Cosquin The first edition of the duel of

The festivals of rock vineyard Y Cosquin Rock They have become two of the most important musical events in the Spanish-speaking world. Both bring together artists of different nationalities, musical genres and a massive audience that each year enjoys the bulging schedules that present current proposals in vogue and established classics. That is why have … Read more

Weddings in 2023 will be inspired by the big music festivals: 10 unmissable trends

They remove several scenes of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

One of the most anticipated moments for those who are going to get married next year is here. The professionals of Bodas.com.mx, a reference website in the bridal sector and which is part of the international group The Knot Worldwidediscover the trends that will mark the weddings of 2023. The weddings that promise to become … Read more

Prepare your wallet: 2023 could be the most expensive year to go to festivals (and we explain why)

1668135731 Prepare your wallet 2023 could be the most expensive year

If the offer of live shows in much of the world was already enormous, after the pandemic it grew incredibly. At least in Mexico during 2022, practically every week we had the announcement of a major concert or festival and of course many paid a good amount of money to be present at these presentations. … Read more

Solar energy, LED lights and zero waste: headliners for the festivals of the future

Solar energy LED lights and zero waste headliners for the

Awareness of the seriousness of climate change has permeated all areas, including culture. And, very specifically, in music. That is why there are more and more groups and singers who make the banner of sustainability their own in their tours and performances, who are looking for ways to make their tours more respectful of the … Read more

The best looks to wear to music festivals

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

The musical agenda is on fire. After almost two years of pandemic and health restrictions, shows and festivals abound in all the provinces and towns of the country, and different audiences look to immortalize the experience on social networks. In line with the aesthetics of the band, referring to one of the musical genres or … Read more

The Argentine film that travels important festivals and is not Argentina, 1985

That he argentinian cinema has a lot to offer is nothing new. That despite the obstacles and a certain reluctance of some (inexplicable), manages to be noticed around the world, either. This season there was a specific film that captured almost all the flashes. Argentina, 1985 has been the film of the year, chosen to … Read more

Music Festivals and Self-Exploration Trips: How is Elon Musk’s Relationship with Psychedelics? | The Planting

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

✍ October 13, 2022 – 11:00 Don’t miss a single news! Click here to subscribe to our FREE newsletter. Advertise in El Planteothe most widely read cannabis medium in the Spanish-speaking world. Follow us on social networks for more exclusive content. Instagram // Facebook // Twitter The controversial billionaire Elon Musk He has been very … Read more

Spring festivals: the best bands and proposals to schedule

Spring festivals the best bands and proposals to schedule

After the success of Emerging City Festivalwhich celebrated its 15 editions last weekend at the Palermo Velodrome and in front of more than 180,000 peopleSpring brings half a dozen festivals across the country that combine foodtrucks, beer and music. BIBA From October 14 to 16, the Rural Fairground (Av. Sarmiento 2704) will be during the … Read more