Successful premiere in Colombia of the series ‘El Rey, Vicente Fernández’

Successful premiere in Colombia of the series El Rey Vicente

Bogotá — The Caracol Television network premiered the series “El Rey, Vicente Fernández,” a fictional story inspired by the life of the great Mexican singer who knew from a very early age that the only way to beat death was to remain forever in the memory and the heart of the people. The series began … Read more

‘El Rey’ Vicente Fernández: reactions to the first chapter of the series

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On Wednesday, August 3, it premiered on Caracol Televisión ‘The king’, the new series that narrates the life of Vicente Fernándezthe iconic Mexican singer who passed away at the end of last year. (Read: These are the details of the premiere of the new series by Vicente Fernández) The story promises to tell the childhood … Read more

Alex Fernández asks that his grandfather Chente be praised in the new Netflix series

Alex Fernandez asks that his grandfather Chente be praised in

The premiere on Netflix of the new biographical series of Charro de Huentitán, called The King: Vicente Fernandez and starring Jaime Camiland Chente’s grandson, Alex Fernandeztook the opportunity to say that he hopes that the production projects the real legend of his grandfather. Also read: Vicente Fernández left, the last great giant of Mexican ranchera … Read more

Why “El Indio” Fernández did not want Pedro Infante to sing in a movie

Why El Indio Fernandez did not want Pedro Infante to

Despite the fact that both felt great admiration for the other, Emilio Fernández refused to let Pedro Infante sing in “Islas Marías” (Photos: Twitter/@YehsielIsrael, Gettyimages) Although the only time Pedro Infante Y emily The Indian Fernandez worked together turned out to be a complete success, this production was destined to be a torment for both, … Read more

La Negra Vernaci kicked Ofelia Fernández out of TV Overdose

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The host Elizabeth “La Negra” Vernaci generated controversy with her teasing on the program “Sobredosis de TV”, where she performed a hilarious imitation of Viviana Canosa. This time, she “threw” the guest on the program live, the Buenos Aires legislator Ophelia Fernandez. “I’ve been listening to you, mommy. You’re so violent, little girl,” Elizabeth began, … Read more

Erdwin Fernández to “Con Filo”: “Cowardice and manipulation is a lack of talent and the need to divide”

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the cuban actor Erdwin Fernandez Collado attacked the controversial television program “with edge”to which he recalled that “cowardice and manipulation is a lack of talent and the need to divide.” Fernandez Collado He accused the official space of wanting to divide actors who ideologically think differently but who, despite that, continue to consider themselves a … Read more

Doña Cuquita devastated by the Vicente Fernández series

Vicente Fernandez He was one of the most emblematic musicians of the Mexican regional genre. Since he started his career, he showed his talent and his desire to shine in the world of music. And so he did until December 12, 2021, the date on which he left the world and left all his loved … Read more

The presenter Talina Fernández puts her house up for sale due to the insecurity in the area

The Mexican presenter and journalist Talina Fernández has decided to put the house up for sale in Tequesquitengo, Morelos, which belonged to him for 30 years. Initially ‘TVNotas’ He said that the 77-year-old Mexican woman had decided to sell the property because she was going through a very bad economic time.Now the presenter gave an … Read more

This is the unprecedented CONCERT where Vicente Fernández SANG with Puma Rodríguez | VIDEO

Sometimes live performances give unique moments that remain only a myth that few were able to witness, the same thing happened in this concert unpublished where Vicente Fernandez sang side by side with him Puma Rodriguezuniting the voices of two of the great exponents of music in Spanish, who in turn were great friends who … Read more

In this MOVIE would have started ROMANCE by Vicente Fernández and Patricia Rivera | VIDEO

On the occasion of the biographical series ‘The Last King: The Son of the People’, the dark episodes of the life of Vicente Fernandezlike that torrid Romance what did he have with the actress Patricia Rivera and that had serious consequences for the singer’s career, discover how this story of forbidden love began, with the … Read more