Emily Blunt is tired of the platitudes of “strong female characters” roles

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

A Emily Bluntamong other films, we remember her for the science fiction of at the edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise, for his idealistic FBI agent fighting drug trafficking in Hitman by Denis Villeneuve, the haunting A peaceful place and sequel directed by her husband, john krasinskico-star in the adventure film Jungle Cruise of Disney … Read more

They’re boring: Emily Blunt rejects movies with “strong female characters” | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

Emily Blunt She’s one of those actresses who excels at whatever she does. Whether in the supporting role in a comedy like The Devil Wears Prada – 75%as an action star in Edge of Tomorrow – 91% or as the survivor of a terrifying alien invasion in A Quiet Place – 98%, few interpreters manage … Read more

Madonna teaching channel or why female sexuality continues to be taboo from the 60s

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

“30 years ago, I published a book called SEX. In addition to including nude photos of her, there were photos of men kissing men, women kissing women, and me kissing everyone. I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my point of view on sexuality. I spent the next few years being interviewed by … Read more

Fast & Furious: the boss of Universal and Vin Diesel dream of a 100% female spin-off

Fast Furious Vin Diesel de Riddick a

Because vroom-vroom franchises aren’t exclusive to male characters, Vin Diesel and Universal Pictures want to develop a spin-off Fast & Furious 100% feminine. Because nothing stops a franchise that continues to fill the cash drawers and that Fast and Furious seems to be the long-lived example that every studio fantasizes about, it’s no wonder producers … Read more

“Don’t Worry Darling”: Olivia Wilde tries her hand at a female horror film without convincing

Dont Worry Darling Olivia Wilde tries her hand at a

Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) and her husband Jack (Harry Styles) in “Don’t Worry Darling”, by Olivia Wilde. WARNER BROS. FRANCE THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – WHY NOT Preceded by a very vain hype (actress and director in bickering) but which will probably attract a few curious people to the cinema, Don’t Worry Darling is … Read more

Gómez Ruiz, Tonna and Dobarro present works by Spanish and German female composers in Berlin and Leipzig

Concert poster © EEMM 0.0002859 The role of women in music has been unfairly forgotten in study plans and programming. Even today it is unusual to find names of female composers in many concerts. For this reason, three artists of international prestige, the tenor Manuel Gomez Ruizthe mezzo-soprano anna tonna and the pianist … Read more

The new series of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ brings to the fore a female story

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

By Danielle Broadway LOS ANGELES, Aug 31 (Reuters) – Morfydd Clark stars in the new series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” as Galadriel, an elf warrior who wishes to stop evil from returning to the fantasy world of Middle-earth. The series, one of the most expensive ever made, will hit Amazon.com … Read more

Why singer Demi Lovato decided to go back to using the female pronouns ‘she/her’

Why singer Demi Lovato decided to go back to using

By Dennis Romero NBCnews Pop music star Demi Lovato said that she goes back to using the pronoun “she” (she/herin English) after asking last year to be addressed with the neutral “elle” (they/them). Lovato, 29, announced the change during an interview for the weekly Spout Podcast which aired on Monday. “I am a very fluid … Read more