Famous Argentine actress outshone María Félix; was the most beautiful face of the Golden Cinema

Famous Argentine actress outshone Maria Felix was the most beautiful

When talking about famous at Golden Cinema one of the main names you hear is Maria Felix, who is still considered one of the most beautiful women, however, this argentina could overshadow to “La Doña”, Well, I had a face tan bello that conquered all of Mexico. Catalina Margarita López Ramos, better known as Marga … Read more

Why María Félix never acted in a Hollywood movie

Why Maria Felix never acted in a Hollywood movie

María Félix never accepted to be part of Hollywood and celebrated having rejected the American project (Photo: Screenshot YouTube / “Enamorada”) Maria Felix is an icon of Mexico and was one of the most important actresses within the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, his talent was reflected in the proposals he received to act in … Read more

Bella actress del Cine de Oro was the first Mexican to be nominated for an Oscar, but she was NOT as famous as María Félix

Bella actress del Cine de Oro was the first

The Golden Age of cinema Mexican It was one of the most important stages for the artistic guild in Mexico, specifically because the wonders of the culture of our country were made known through the big screen. country. In short, various personalities on the big screen, and precisely one of these stars featured Within the … Read more

Actress of the Cine de Oro shone with Pedro Infante and María Félix but could never star in a movie

Actress of the Cine de Oro shone with Pedro Infante

There are many figures of the Golden Cinema that shone with important actors, like this actress, who was recognized as one of the best of the time and recorded hundreds of films, some of these together with Pedro Infante and María Félix, Nevertheless, could never star a movie. María Blasa Emma Roldán Reyna, full name … Read more

María Félix: This is the banned La Doña movie that was canceled for “immoral” | PHOTOS

Maria Felix This is the banned La Dona movie that

Although María Félix was an icon, and most of the mexicans they adored her performances and seeing her on the big screen, the truth is that there was a film starring “La doña” that did not have the same good reception from the public, because it was a film that despite having a novel proposal, … Read more

The music band paid tribute to Félix Zabaleta at the San Ignacio concert

1628095960 The music band paid tribute to Felix Zabaleta at the

The concert of San Ignacio by the Errenteria Music Band also served as a tribute to the musician member of the group Félix Zabaleta, who died last year. The musician belonged to the band for fifty years and passed away last year during the toughest months of the pandemic. The Errenteriako Musika Banda began the … Read more

BRAVO! Eiza González will become María Félix for a film about her life

1627971942 BRAVO Eiza Gonzalez will become Maria Felix for a film

Today is a great day for Eiza Gonzalez. We always talk about how she came to Hollywood to stay, but this time, she has scored a real home run for Mexico, for her millions of fans and for those who love the myth of María Félix: The actress from Mexico City will star in and … Read more

Río Escondido, the movie that Emilio “El Indio” Fernández and María Félix filmed in Ecatepec

Rio Escondido the movie that Emilio El Indio Fernandez and

The film was restored 73 years later and will be screened at the National Cinematheque from July (Photos: Facebook / María Félix “All my wars”) Ecatepec de Morelos is characterized by being a municipality that has been the territory of different histories, such as the discovery of mammoth bones, be the cradle of mexican soccer … Read more

Félix Germán: “A group monopolizes the funds to make films in the country”

Felix German A group monopolizes the funds to make films

The filmmaker and actor Félix Germán won the statuette in the category of “Best Actor” for his performance in the film “El Proyeccionista” by José María Cabral at the last Sovereign Awards ceremony. Germán was part of the group of artists to whom the organizers sent the trophy, because more than 35% of people could … Read more