From María Félix to Verónica Castro: the Latin divas who turned spite into a ‘show’ before Shakira

1673801523 From Maria Felix to Veronica Castro the Latin divas who

Shakira is not the first Latin diva to compare herself to a luxury product — “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo,” she says in his new song—. Maria Felix, the great star of Mexican cinema, did it long before the Colombian singer. “Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you. People normally reject what is … Read more

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The film history of María Félix was written from dozens of movies filmed in mexicoas well as in other parts of the world. With France as one of his favorite destinations to live, the lady She found in this country and its film industry a series of opportunities that led her to participate in four … Read more

Neither María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal: she was the highest-grossing actress of the Golden Age

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When talking about the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, the greatest female references without a doubt tend to be María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal, who starred in the most important films of that time. However, these three actresses they were not the highest grossingthat is, the most viewed on the big screen, … Read more

All about the diva María Félix in the new series about her life

All about the diva Maria Felix in the new series

Mexico City — Few Mexican women were as famous in the 20th century as Maria Felixand possibly so little understood beyond its public face. The Serie Maria Felix, The Ladywhich debuts this Thursday with the launch of the ViX+ streaming serviceintends to portray how one of the most famous actresses in Mexican cinema was formed, … Read more

The Lady. María Félix, “a woman with great character and sensitive to her

The Lady Maria Felix a woman with great character and

The two actresses agree that giving life to the diva of national cinema in the biographical series María Félix, La Doña, which was made by Vix+ and will be released next Thursday, July 21, “is a pride, but it has also been a job that It has implied a great responsibility for the character’s personality … Read more

‘La Doña’, the series about María Félix: “She talks about selfishness, she asks to do what suits us”

La Dona the series about Maria Felix She talks about

“María Félix was born twice: her parents begot her and she, later, invented herself”, the phrase of the Nobel Prize Octavio Paz defines the essence of what is probably the most important actress in the history of Mexican cinema. The diva, one of the most important figures in the Golden Age of the seventh art … Read more

María Félix, present a preview of her bioseries and call her “a woman with a man’s heart”

María Félix, present a preview of her bioseries and call her “a woman with a man’s heart.” | Special Maria Felix shines again on the screen, as they present a preview of their bioseries and call her “a woman with a man’s heart” because of the various challenges she had to face to become the … Read more

It was not María Félix, this is the beautiful actress who starred in the first film of the Cine de Oro and died in oblivion

It was not Maria Felix this is the beautiful actress

When we talk about gold cinema One of the first figures that comes to mind is Maria Felix, because she was a recognized star who worked in dozens of films, however, the so-called “Doña” did not starred which is considered the first movie of this stage of national cinematography, and then we will tell you … Read more

Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro starred in a controversial gay film with the son of María Félix

Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro starred in a

Mexican cinema has brought different stories to the big screen, some of them with LGBT themed that generated a lot of controversy, like the one that starred Enrique Alvarez Felixson of Maria Felix, beside the actress of the golden age of cinematography and sex symbol Isela Vega. After what ‘The Lady’ became an icon on … Read more

Eiza González revealed that she still wants to star as María Félix in a movie

Eiza Gonzalez revealed that she still wants to star as

The Hollywood actress does not lose hope of making the film that reveals the story of María Félix@eizagonzalez / @mariafelixofficial After the interpretation of Sandra Echeverria What beautiful maryin the bioseries that Univision Television is preparing for viewers, Eiza GonzalezMexican actress confirmed that she will not miss the opportunity to star as María Félix, the … Read more