Andrew Garfield officially fed up with being asked about Spider-Man

1637849436 Andrew Garfield officially fed up with being asked about Spider Man

And in a recent interview on GQ, where he answered questions from his fans, you can already imagine what the star question was, right? It’s over, Andrew Garfield is exhausted from being asked In fact, this is what he said, literally, in case it does not make you long to listen to the interview in … Read more

Pepe Aguilar was fed up and everything with his family rotted

cuanto cuesta contratar a pepe aguilar

It seems that the famous singer would be tired of keeping the whims of the whole family and without a doubt, it was a great surprise for the followers of the family. After seeing the most recent publications that the members shared in their Instagram -During his well-deserved trip to Europe-, Pepe Aguilar got fed … Read more

Bruce Lee’s daughter puts Tarantino in his place: “I’m fucking fed up”

1625310442 Bruce Lees daughter puts Tarantino in his place Im fucking

“I can understand that your daughter has a problem with that, it’s her damn father, I get it. The others … fuck them “. This is how I responded Quentin Tarantino to the critics on how ‘Once upon a time in … Hollywood‘ It represents Bruce Lee. The conversation has rekindled on the occasion of … Read more