“A friend forged my signature”: Keanu Reeves played the worst role of his career forced by fear of being sued

A friend forged my signature Keanu Reeves played the worst

Good old Keanu was tricked into starring in a movie he didn’t like and had to keep quiet for a year. Even the starliest star in Hollywood has suffered some ups and downs in his career, but the story behind the film that Keanu Reeves himself describes as by far the worst of his entire … Read more

Fear and problems in the dream house: ‘Vigilante’, by Ryan Murphy on Netflix, gives for a neat marathon

Fear and problems in the dream house Vigilante by Ryan

Ryan Murphy keeps its prolific character intact, and even seems to have intensified it, with Netflix as preferred location. While they are still current Monster. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Y Mr. Harrigan’s phonethe television creator has released Watcherminiseries with Bobby Canavale and Naomi Watts attached to the thematic profile of the dream house that instead … Read more

“I fear for my life, he threatened me”: alleged son of Santiago Alarcón and Shakira gives his version of the case

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

After the public complaint of the actor Santiago Alarcón on his social networks, in which he stated that a young man was harassing him, claiming that he was his son, and that his mother was Shakira, in the middle of an interview on the entertainment program I know everything, broadcast by Channel 1, the alleged … Read more

Cesia does not fear the ‘curse’ of the Academy: “A place does not define anything”

Cesia does not fear the curse of the Academy A

Cesia released “Me rehúso”, an original song by Danny Ocean. (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv – TVAzteca) Since the thirteenth generation of The academy Cesia, Andrés and Mar have given something to talk about the release of their new singles and their coexistence with their fans. Among them stands out the Honduran, who in the last … Read more

Why didn’t Bob Dylan play at the historic Woodstock festival? The fear that made him give up

Why didnt Bob Dylan play at the historic Woodstock festival

This week is the Woodstock anniversary celebrated in 1969. It was a music festival that was held from August 15 to 18, attended by more than 400,000 souls. The event took place on a farm located in the township of Bethel, outside of New York. That year there were a total of 42 performances and … Read more

DC and Warner have serious problems and the creators fear cancellations

DC and Warner have serious problems and the creators fear

We already warned at the beginning of last june. Something rare happen in Warner Regarding the films of dc comics following the studio’s merger with Discovery. Soon, the CEO of the conglomerate, David Zaslav, confirmed that Batgirl was canceled and that the content based on superheroes was not going to reach HBO Max under any … Read more

‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ and its live-action: we still don’t have a trailer but this one behind the scenes makes us fear the worst

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

In the San Diego Comic Con 2022Toei Animation was present with its new project of ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’, a movie live action which is scheduled for release sometime in 2023. including the plans of Sony and Toei aim to have six movies with the franchise. Everything will depend on the response of the … Read more

Avatar 2: Sam Worthington had to fight against the “fear of dying” during filming – CinéSéries

Avatar 2 Sam Worthington had to fight against the fear

“Avatar: The Way of Water” will consist of numerous underwater sequences. A real technical challenge for which James Cameron and his teams had to multiply the shots in apnea with motion capture equipment. All while fighting “the natural fear of dying”, according to Sam Worthington. Avatar 2 : the long-awaited sequel Thirteen years after the … Read more

The movie that Pedro Infante did not want to film for fear of making a fool of himself

1657849715 The movie that Pedro Infante did not want to film

Pedro Infante opposed being in “The Black Sheep” for fear of his character and the cast (Photo: Twitter/@FilmotecaUNAM) Although Pedro Infante He was characterized by being a humble actor, who accepted almost all the projects offered by the Rodriguez brothers and that they were suitable for him, on one occasion He opposed to participate in … Read more