Parody of ‘Monotony’ is viral on networks: ‘Yes, it was your fault, your crap’

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something to talk about for all the supposed implicit messages it has in reference to the artist’s former marriage to the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. ‘Monotonía’, the most recent single released by the Barranquilla singer Shakira, continues to give something … Read more

“It wasn’t your fault…”, Shakira’s last post on Instagram

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

Aware that each of her movements is watched closely, the singer has uploaded a video on Instagram where you can see how to type the phrase It has been more than four months since Shakira and Gerard Pique announced that they separated and they embarked on different paths after 12 years of ‘Waka Waka (This … Read more

Warner Bros. kills Hallorann: Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel to ‘Doctor Sleep’ has been ruled out due to box office fault

Warner Bros kills Hallorann Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel

When Mike Flanagan announced that he was working on a film sequel to ‘The Shining’ that, in addition to adapting the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King, would emulate the spirit of Stanley Kubrick in some of his passages, many of us raised an eyebrow and were tremendously skeptical —and it was useless for him … Read more

Anna Kendrick recalls her experience in an abusive relationship: “My body still feels like it was my fault”

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Anna Kendrick has spoken about her experience surviving an abusive relationship in an interview with People (via Indie Wire). The actress now plays a victim of abuse in Alice, Darling, director’s big screen debut Mary Nighty, which premieres at Toronto Festival. Kendrick explains he was interested in the script, in which his character is manipulated … Read more

Gil Cerezo, a member of Kinky, debuted as an actor in “What is Karma’s fault?”

Gil Cerezo a member of Kinky debuted as an actor

(Instagram photo: @aislinnderbez -Capture trailer What is karma to blame?) After months of waiting, it’s finally released. What fault is karma?a film starring Renata Notni, Aislinn Derbez and Gil Cerezo. It is a romantic comedy where, in the middle of a love trio, two sisters learn to empathize and improve their family relationship. On this … Read more

Aislinn Derbez confessed that her character in “What is karma’s fault?” helped her empathize with her sister

Aislinn Derbez confessed that her character in What is karmas

The film will be available on Netflix starting next Wednesday, August 3. (Instagram photo: @aislinnderbez) There are only a few days left until the big premiere of What fault is karma?a new romantic comedy starring Aislinn Derbez, Renata Notni, Gil Cerezo and Giouseppe Gamba. On the occasion of the launch, the renowned Mexican performer and … Read more

Resident Evil, review of the new Netflix series. An accident that is not Umbrella’s fault

Resident Evil review of the new Netflix series An accident

More than 35 years of history, dozens of video games and most importantly, a lifetime slot in the Horror Hall of Fame. That’s it resident Evil, the franchise born in 1996 by Capcom with Shinji Mikami at the helm. The great insignia – with permission from Alone in the Dark – of survival horror as … Read more

The order of the episodes of ‘Futurama’ on Disney + is chaotic and the fault lies with the history of the series itself

1645090304 The order of the episodes of Futurama on Disney

One of the big news of last week in regards to television science fiction is that of the return of ‘Futurama’. Hulu (and Disney+ in Spain, it is already confirmed by the platform) will broadcast this new stage of the series, which will feature the return of most of the original voices and, of course, … Read more

Feminist at fault: from Mel Gibson to Paul Rudd, the sexiest man seems to be someone else, but the objectification is on the inside

Feminist at fault from Mel Gibson to Paul Rudd the

Paul Rudd, a new archetype for “the sexiest man in the world” REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni / File Photo The sexiest man in the world is a family man. He has two children and the same wife for fifteen years. No scandal is known to him. He collaborates with a children’s hospital and an NGO … Read more