Esta es la respuesta de Hilary Duff a quienes ‘celebran’ la cancelación de ‘How I Met Your Father’

Esta es la respuesta de Hilary Duff a quienes ‘celebran

La actriz Hilary Duff ha respondido a los comentarios negativos después de que Hulu cancelara la serie ‘How I Met Your Father’, un spin-off de la exitosa serie ‘How I Met Your Mother’, tras dos temporadas. Aunque muchos fanáticos expresaron su decepción por la noticia, hubo quienes celebraron la cancelación, y Duff no dudó en … Read more

Our review of “Oppenheimer”, by Christopher Nolan: this biopic of the “father of the atomic bomb” with Cillian Murphy is his most successful film

Our review of Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan this biopic of

Nothing like it in Oppenheimer which should reconcile the public with Nolan. This biopic is, in our opinion, his best film: the most successful, the best written, the most relevant, all the more in the light of the geopolitical issues present, from Ukraine to the noise of boots at the gates of Taiwan. Nothing free … Read more

Russell Crowe’s great response to his meme as the father of Superman, Hercules and Kraven The Hunter

Russell Crowes great response to his meme as the father

MADRID, June 26. (CulturaOcio) – Russell Crowe will play the relentless father of Sergei Kravinof in Kraven The Hunterwhich will hit theaters next October 6. and after him first trailer of the filmthe third in which the actor gives life to the father of the protagonist in a superhero movie, the actor has become meme … Read more

The teenager who died on the Titan was “terrified” but wanted to please his father

The teenager who died on the Titan was terrified but

Suleman Dawwoodhe teen aboard the Titan was “terrified” but he wanted cto please her father, Shahzada Dawood, Millionaire of Pakistani origin obsessed with the Titanic and its legend. Yesterday a debris field was discovered in the vicinity of the sunken wreck. Today the United States Navy has revealed that hours after the disappearance it detected … Read more

Javier Ibarreche compares his father to Bryan Cranston

Jaime Camil sings the US national anthem in NASCAR

digital millennium Mexico City / 06.18.2023 16:52:27 This Sunday, June 16, the Father’s day, being an unbeatable opportunity for different artists and celebrities to dedicate a few words to their parents. One of them was the popular tiktoker Javier Ibarreche who did not miss the opportunity to show his admiration and love for his father. … Read more

Father of the four children rescued in the Colombian jungle speaks to CNN: “It’s a miracle”

Father of the four children rescued in the Colombian jungle

This is what children did in the Colombian jungle to keep the baby alive 1:08 (CNN) — Manuel Ranoque, the father of the four children who survived in the Colombian jungle for 40 days after a small plane crash, told CNN in an interview Tuesday in Bogotá that his children’s story is a “miracle” and … Read more

Itatí Cantoral’s twins not only look like their father, but also their grandfather: photos prove it

Itati Cantorals twins not only look like their father but

Since they were born in August 2000, the twins of the mexican actors Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina surprised by having a tremendous physical resemblance to his famous father. As they have grown, the similarities between Roberto Miguel and José Eduardo with the soap opera heartthrob as Ruby not only were they maintained, but they … Read more

My father and me: no, this is not the continuation of the comic saga with De Niro and Ben Stiller!

My father and me no this is not the continuation

My Father and Me, in theaters May 31, features Robert De Niro in the role of a father who is a little too intrusive. And no, it’s not the sequel to My stepfather and me! After the cult trilogy My stepfather and me, released between 2000 and 2010, Robert De Niro returned in 2020 with … Read more

Al Pacino will be a father again at the age of 83

Al Pacino will be a father again at the age

Al Pacino photographed in New York on April 19, 2023. (Credit: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images) (CNN) — Hollywood actor Al Pacino will become a father again at the age of 83. His partner Noor Alfallah, 29, is expecting a child, according to multiple reports. Al Pacino’s representative confirmed the news to various news outlets, including People, … Read more