What to watch in streaming: 3 fascinating movies with actors who played themselves before Nicolas Cage

What to watch in streaming 3 fascinating movies with actors

With ‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’ we have seen Nicolas Cage break the last frontier and play the most difficult role of his career: himself. An act of bravery to make a fascinating game of cinematic reflectionin addition to an accomplice joke for fans of his acting work. However, Cage’s case is not … Read more

‘The Boys’ continues to be addictive and fascinating: the 3×04 episode of the Amazon Prime Video series shows that no one is safe

The Boys continues to be addictive and fascinating the 3×04

We have reached the halfway point of the third season of ‘The Boys’and although the start has been a bit slow and there have been some clashes to be able to adjust to where the previous season left us, the series of Amazon Prime Video He still has a lot of wick ahead of him, he wins with each episode.

If the first three chapters have been the perfect exposition, with the fourth we have verified that nothing happens by itself in this series and that despite being predictable at times, ‘The Boys’ continues to be a fascinating festival from which it is impossible to remove the eyes above.

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The intense trailer for ‘The paper house: Korea’ takes Netflix’s Spanish success to a fascinating historical ucronía terrain

The intense trailer for The paper house Korea takes

The paper house: Korea‘ is a new version of the Spanish series that swept Netflix last year. The success of the series attracted the attention of the South Korean filmmaker, Kim Hong-sun, to work on the remake and the new official trailer shows the big change in the premise of the series, which will show the Korean peninsula (South and North) opening its borders and using the same currency.

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‘The Alley of Lost Souls’: Guillermo del Toro once again aspires to the Oscar with an impressive noir in full color and a fascinating rarity

1644416803 The Alley of Lost Souls Guillermo del Toro once again

I didn’t have it easy William of the Bull. First because he came to take the cat monster overboard with the multi-award winning ‘the shape of water‘, and second because he was facing the most classic and out of place project of his varied and rich filmography. ‘the alley of lost souls‘, a new adaptation … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy performs a fascinating cover of “Downtown”

Anya Taylor Joy performs a fascinating cover of Downtown

British director Edgar Wright is preparing his return to cinema with the first horror film of his career: “Last Night in Soho”. The story will closely follow Eloise Turner (Thomasin McKenzie) a young designer who, at night, has the ability to time travel to the 1960s. The film features a performance by Golden Globe winner … Read more

‘Succession’ Still Must-Have: HBO Series Season 3 Explores The Roy Family’s Fascinating War

1634500448 Succession Still Must Have HBO Series Season 3 Explores The Roy

‘Succession’ he became on his own merits one of the great references of HBO. Last year already took home the Emmy reserved for the best drama series, an honor that this year could not repeat because it has been more than two since the launch of the second season and it is not until this … Read more

“Twice you”, the dark and fascinating movie that you will have to see more than once

1628920717 Twice you the dark and fascinating movie that you will

Twice you (Netflix) We are at a very elegant wedding reception in a sumptuous room in Mexico City: lthe camera introduces us to two couples: Daniela and Rodrigo (Melissa barrera Y Mariano Palacios), who are extremely attractive, so much so that it is impossible to stop looking at them: they are obviously lovers and the … Read more

‘Femme Fatale’, Brian De Palma’s last great film is a fascinating journey through his concerns

1624226260 Femme Fatale Brian De Palmas last great film is a

‘Fatal Woman‘, which right now you have available at Amazon prime, it is the last great movie from Brian De Palma, although it has taken 20 years for some to realize it. Antonio Banderas and Rebecca Romijn put all their talents at the service of the teacher. The Panic Photographer Written and directed by Brian … Read more