Continental radio says goodbye to Beto Casella: farewell to the historic conductor

Continental radio says goodbye to Beto Casella farewell to the

Beto Casella every day I would be further away from Continental Radio, after two years of driving the cycle Well raised on that station. The host and producer would analyze new horizons for his current program, which has been on the air for more than seventeen seasons, on different radios. Well raised started in 2005, … Read more

Farewell to Max and Helen in ‘New Amsterdam’? This will be the “complicated” first ending of season 4

Farewell to Max and Helen in New Amsterdam This will

The fourth installment says goodbye until January 2022 after the broadcast of ‘Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception ‘(4×10). Season 4 of New Amsterdam He is about to say goodbye for a while, although we should not worry, because he will return in the current 2021-2022 television season. As is customary in free-to-air … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and the romantic farewell with Ben Affleck before leaving Los Angeles

1636408664 Jennifer Lopez and the romantic farewell with Ben Affleck before

Updated 11/08/2021 01:25 pm Since they resumed their relationship after 17 years apart, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They have been inseparable on the occasions when they have been able to match their busy work schedules in Los Angeles, knowing that the days together are short. This weekend ‘Bennifer’ faced a new farewell as the … Read more

Milton Nascimento announces “The last music session”, his farewell tour

Milton Nascimento announces The last music session his farewell tour

27 Oct 2021 – 1:13 p. m. The famous composer of classics such as “Canción de América” and “María, María”, expressed his desire to retire from the stage, through an animated video that he made known on his social networks. The singer-songwriter Milton Nascimento, one of the most recognized representatives of the so-called Brazilian Popular Music, … Read more

The Mercenaries 4: Sylvester Stallone confirms that it will be his farewell to the saga

The Mercenaries 4 Sylvester Stallone confirms that it will be

The fourth installment of The mercenaries (The Expendables) is in development after a long road of changes and problems. The tape, which be centered around Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas character kicked off filming a few days ago, adding quite a few new faces to Hollywood’s most nostalgic group of elite soldiers. From the plot we … Read more

The sad farewell to a ShowMatch figure: “I loved being here”

The sad farewell to a ShowMatch figure I loved being

In the last days, a new couple left the contest The academy, song, dance and imitation cycle led by Marcelo tinelli on ShowMatch. After going to the definition hand in hand with Lizardo ponce, this protagonist and his partner said goodbye to the dispatch issued in the signal of The thirteen. It was Lío Ferro, … Read more

‘No time to die’ receives its first criticism: How is Daniel Craig’s farewell?

No time to die receives its first criticism How is

No time to die O No Time to Die, the farewell of Daniel Craig as James Bond, receives its first criticism from the specialized press. The spy and action tape has been making the mouths of Agent 007 fans water for several months with a spectacular final trailer waves Emotional statements from Craig himself the … Read more

The moving message of Vicente Fernández during his farewell concert in which he spoke of his death

The moving message of Vicente Fernandez during his farewell concert scaled

On April 16, 2016, Vicente Fernández said goodbye to the stage with the concert “Un Azteca en el Azteca”. On that occasion, the “Charro de Huentitán” looked energetic and made his audience vibrate with his most emblematic songs and gave a message in which he was about to burst into tears. He spoke of the … Read more

James Bond: tears in his eyes, voice trembling, Daniel Craig bids farewell to 007

James Bond tears in his eyes voice trembling Daniel Craig

On Wednesday October 6, 2021, Daniel Craig will be showing the latest James Bond, titled Dying Can Wait. While he will no longer wear the costume of the famous secret agent, the actor gave a moving speech to his team in October 2019. In 2006, Daniel Craig became the sixth actor to portray James Bond … Read more

Genesis’ farewell tour kicks off, together again and for the last time 14 years later – POP MARKETING

Genesis farewell tour kicks off together again and for the

Genesis have started their farewell tour with a first concert this September 20 in Birmingham (England). ‘The Last Domino? Tour ‘returns to reunite on the stage fourteen years later and for the last time to Phil Collins, Tony Banks y Mike Rutherford. Along with the titular trio, the guitarist and bassist completes the Genesis line-up … Read more