Bad Bunny fan suffers a spectacular fall for trying to approach the singer

Bad Bunny fan suffers a spectacular fall for trying to

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Locomía, the story of the fan band that became famous without knowing how to sing

Locomy caused a real furor in Spain Y Latin America between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. The group not only made many young people of the time dance with their unusual steps, but also broke schemes with their characteristic hairstyles, costumes and fans. But perhaps you did not know … Read more

These are the actors who will be in the adaptation of the Mexican series Soy tu fan

In 2010, the series landed on the small screen of Mexico I’m your fan. Adapting a production that was originally broadcast in Argentina, director Álvaro Hernández managed to create a highly entertaining story that won over all viewers. The story introduced us to Carla, whom we will also meet under the nickname “Charly”, a girl … Read more

11 disturbing recent documentaries that you can not miss if you are a fan of horror

11 disturbing recent documentaries that you can not miss if

Share The horror genre, together with the documentary world, makes possible gems like the ones we show you below. you may be a fan of the horror genrebut that you start to be tired and saturated of movies and productions that use the formula of the greatest hits to shape fictions redundant and unexpressive. The … Read more

Inesperada reacción de Bad Bunny luego de que un fan le lanzara un celular en pleno concierto

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Bad Bunny sigue despertando toda clase de sentimientos entre sus fieles fanáticos del mundo, debido a la ola de conciertos que realiza desde hace algunas semanas. El cantante logró marcar una huella entre el público, el cual disfruta plenamente de su nuevo álbum ‘Un Verano sin ti’ , que ha marcado récords y ocupa los … Read more

The 5 best rock bands in Spanish that you should know if you call yourself a fan

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

The rock in Spanish It is a musical genre that has managed to break the language barriers and has reached places that they had never imagined themselves and that many other bands regardless of genre have not achieved and will hardly achieve. In European countries like Germany they love many bands what do they play … Read more

“I’m a super fan of Metallica”: J Balvin confessed his “love” for the popular American band

Im a super fan of Metallica J Balvin confessed his

There is no doubt that J Balvin He is one of the most recognized Latin American artists in the medium thanks to his vast artistic career in the urban genre. Nevertheless, the Colombian recently confessed to being a staunch fan of Metallicain addition to knowing several songs of the popular American band. The topic author … Read more

“I’m a super fan of Metallica”: J Balvin said that he even knows complete songs of the band

J Balvin How much are discounted and non discounted tickets for

J Balvin is a big fan of Metallica (Photo: Instagram) J Balvinone of the Latin American artists who has won the most fans in recent years, confessed to being a avid metallica fan and that even of knows several songs of them. The interpreter of songs like “My people” Y “Boom Boom Tam Tam” said … Read more

An obsessed fan of the band “Why don’t we” breaks into a member’s house and sleeps in his bed

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

The American boyband “Why Don’t We” is made up of 5 guysaged between 24 and 21 the youngest, and started his music career in September 2016. Currentlythe band is on a work hiatus having entered litigation against his ex-manager. The group called off the concert tour they had planned for this summer. But today the … Read more

Keanu Reeves returns to overflow kindness with an 80-year-old fan

Keanu Reeves returns to overflow kindness with an 80 year old fan

The kind gesture of the actor Keanu Reeves for an 80-year-old fan has resurfaced online after being shared in a post by Reddit. On the website, one person explained how his grandmother had fallen in love with the star of Matrix Y John Wickas it reminded her of her late husband. After suffering a stroke … Read more