“I was famous”: why has the Netflix movie managed to move thousands? | REVIEW

I was famous why has the Netflix movie managed to

Perhaps because he is well aware that he is no longer at the height of the success that Stereo Dream gave him, the boyband he joined twenty years ago, Vince (Ed Skrein) does not feel ashamed when he has to carry his keyboard supported by an old ironing board. in search of a place that … Read more

The most famous ‘beefs’ in the music industry: Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift, Resident vs. J Balvin…

The most famous beefs in the music industry Katy Perry

Music crosses borders and unites, although on occasions it has also caused the occasional scuffle. Rifirrafe that, on occasions, has caused the artists themselves to send messages of all kinds through their songs. At LOS40 we have been witnessing this type of beef’sand now we wanted to review some of the encounters that have most … Read more

Violeta Isfel suffers a painful accident because of a famous comedian

The actress documented the painful incident in a video that she later shared on her YouTube channel. Isfel Violet ended up bloodied after suffering a painful accident in full presentation of the play ‘Lagunilla, mi barrio’ and all because of Ariel Miramontes alias “El Albertano”who was very affected by what had happened with his partner. … Read more

The day of the famous: the remains of Elizabeth II in Westminster and Ryan Reynolds, operated urgently

The day of the famous the remains of Elizabeth II

09.14.2022 8:24 p.m. Zac Efron reveals the reasons for his radical change in the face A few months ago, Zack Efron went viral on social media his remarkable physical changes in the face. Now, the actor has reappeared to reveal the reason for that retouching. Apparently, suffered a domestic accident, broke his jaw and in … Read more

Famous soap opera heartthrob in the 80s is now a farmer, you won’t believe who he is

Many times fame can be a great ally, many even consider it an ally or a friend, some other people may think the opposite of the situation and it is not for less, fame can be very bad, so much so that some people assure that has led to its destruction. Many are those from … Read more

Adela Noriega: this famous actor asked her to marry him and rejected him

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Written in CELEBRITIES the 9/4/2022 1:36 p.m. Little is known of Adela Noriega since her disappearance from the public eye 14 years ago, however, it is known that the actress lives in a incredible mansion he bought thanks to soap operas in which she participated Surrounded by fame and involved in a series of turbulent … Read more

Slideshow Leonardo DiCaprio: This famous ex who rebuilt her life with a star as famous as him

Slideshow Leonardo DiCaprio This famous ex who rebuilt her life

News Excluded People France Policy interview People UK People US All themes Movie theater Johnny Depp Blake Lively Tom Cruise Leila Bekhti Carole Bouquet Gérard Depardieu Sophie Marceau Pierre Niney Juliette Binoche Emmanuelle Beart Series tomorrow belongs to us Here it all starts More beautiful life such a big sun TV Reality show Large families … Read more

25 years after Titanic: the true story of Jack Dawson, a forbidden love and the origin of the most famous phrase

25 years after Titanic the true story of Jack Dawson

On April 14, 1912, the ocean liner hit an iceberg and sank into the ocean. She had 2,223 people on board, including Joseph Dawson. On December 19, 1997, the film was released in the United States. Titanics, which tells the tragic story of the ocean liner. Due to its cost, it was said that it … Read more

The show fires a famous actress from the Mexican Golden Cinema

Anabel Gutiérrez, fired a famous Mexican film actress | Instagram An important actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema turned off its shine on the night of last August 21, as confirmed, Anabel Gutierrezwho began his career very young, leaves at the age of 89. Almost 90 years old, the interpreter who debuted in … Read more

Top 5 Famous Gal Gadot Movies Besides Justice League

Gal Gadot: Top 5 Famous Movies Besides Justice League | DC Nowadays Gal Gadot She is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood thanks to her performance as Wonder Woman in the universe of DC Comics, where he won the hearts of fans with his magnificent work bringing the superheroine to life. But this … Read more