Dania Mendez, the participant who jumps from “The House of Famous 3” to “Big Brother Brazil”

Dania Mendez the participant who jumps from The House of

The third season of “La casa de los famosos” made an exchange of participants with “Big Brother Brasil”, a program with the same format as the successful Telemundo reality show. Dania Mendez left the famous house and in her place came the volleyball player Key Alves, who is 23 years old and does not speak … Read more

Brendan Fraser recalled the hilarious moment he realized he was really famous

Brendan Fraser recalled the hilarious moment he realized he was

Following his emotional speech at the Critics Choice Awards, brendan fraser he became the center of all eyes that confirm that he is the great comeback of the year. With an unforgettable performance in The Whale (The Whale) by Darren Aronofsky, the North American re-entered the big leagues, from which he should never have been … Read more

Julio César Chávez: this was the condition that he put on his daughter Nicole to appear in The House of Famous

Julio Cesar Chavez this was the condition that he put

After the tremendous success of the reality show “The House of the Famous”, the producers already have almost everything ready to give the starting signal to the third season. In this case, one of the guests is Nicole Chavezdaughter of the expujilista Julio Cesar Chavez. The subject was presented in the Ventaneando entertainment program, where … Read more

He made a fortune selling “pirated” T-shirts of famous bands: the consequences can be disastrous

He made a fortune selling pirated T shirts of famous bands

a woman who won £250,000 selling pirate t-shirts Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fightershas been ordered to return £140,000 or go to jail. The woman, from Norwich, pleaded guilty to selling pirated music band T-shirts. his name is Johanna Donnelly and is 48 years old. The aforementioned admitted 20 crimes of sale and infringement … Read more

The House of Famous 3: A few days after the premiere we already have the first look at what its interior looks like

The House of Famous 3 A few days after the

The house became known for the project to select two people to compete. So far they have only given clues on Instagram about who participates, A few days before the new season of “La Casa de los Famosos” begins, Telemundo continues to maintain the mystery and a few hours ago revealed the silhouettes of the … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party: more famous per square meter than in wax museums

Leonardo DiCaprios birthday party more famous per square meter than

nor the Oscarneither the Golden Globes, nor the MET Gala, nor the Emmys, nor any other party known to man has the number of celebrities who enjoyed the recent celebration of the birthday party Leonardo Dicaprio. Since you don’t turn 48 every day (and except on the 11th of 11, yes, Leo was born on … Read more

Henry Winkler revealed a big mistake in his life that made John Travolta famous: ‘Damn fool’

Henry Winkler revealed a big mistake in his life that

The actor told an episode that could change the fate of the movie “Grease”. “Every day someone asks me about it, so I think about it every day. grease. It was a gift, a huge joy to be in that movie,” he told her. Olivia Newton-John a Clarion in 2016. The English-Australian actress, who died … Read more

Chris Evans does have a girlfriend, she is famous and she is 16 years younger than him

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

After being considered the sexiest man in the worlda series of rumors began to circulate about the marital status of Chris Evans and everything indicates that the actor, 41, if he has a girlfriend. According to People magazine, Evans has been dating the actress Alba Baptista “for more than a year and it is serious”, … Read more

‘The Lord of the Rings’: why Peter Jackson changed the ending of Tolkien’s novel for his famous movie trilogy

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

In adapting the fantasy work into three feature films, the New Zealand filmmaker had to make decisions, including ignoring Saruman’s return to devastate the Shire down the stretch. But he himself explained it on his day. Almost as beloved as the enormous literary work of which it is an adaptation, the trilogy The Lord of … Read more

Daniel Craig hates being famous

Daniel Craig hates being famous

James Cameron says the “Avatar” franchise could be “done in three months” if the sequel isn’t a hit. The 68-year-old director’s ‘Avatar: The Waterway’, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s ‘Avatar’, is due out next month, but James Cameron admits he wonders how many people will ” be interested” in the film now. He said: … Read more