Five deaths, fainting, a kick to a firefighter and a duo that refused to leave: the tragedy of the Home Fair at the concert of Servando and Florentino

Five deaths fainting a kick to a firefighter and a

crowded. No one else entered. Totally packed like never before at the Feria del Hogar with an international artist. That night of August 5, 1997, he appeared Servando and Florentino, the former Venezuelan members of the Salserín group. The teenagers who had gathered at the San Miguel venue shouted nonstop, waiting for their idols in … Read more

Jordi Évole’s cataplexy attacks on television: from ‘El Hormiguero’ to his fainting with Wyoming or Alberto Chicote

1645134271 Jordi Evoles cataplexy attacks on television from El Hormiguero to

Published: Thursday, February 17, 2022 19:05 Jordi Évole suffers from cataplexy, a neurological disease that causes a sudden loss of muscle tone. Therefore, when the journalist faces moments of high emotional intensity, his body collapses. Évole has suffered these attacks on multiple occasions, including during interviews on live shows. the communicator confessed that he suffered … Read more

Fainting and nausea: the most disturbing and difficult movies to watch

Fainting and nausea the most disturbing and difficult movies to

In the 74th edition of Cannes film festival, which culminated on July 17, the award-winning film Golden palm was ‘Titane’, a body horror film directed and written by French filmmaker Julia Ducournau. The production tells the story of a serial killer and includes violent scenes about murders and orgies. And while certain scenes were probably … Read more