Sahmaran: 4 facts about the amazing Turkish fantasy drama series that is all the rage on Netflix

Sahmaran 4 facts about the amazing Turkish fantasy drama series

Films, series and soap operas from Turkey have found a very loyal audience in Latin America, so it is not surprising that platforms like Netflix add more and more productions from that country to their catalogue. An example of this were the premieres of A safe place, The Uysal family, my other self Y Midnight … Read more

“What can happen with ‘The Crown’ is that the real facts are kind of ignored.” Lesley Manville and the new stars of the Netflix series talk about season 5

What can happen with The Crown is that the real

Twelve hours left until it lands in Netflix season 5 of ‘The Crown‘, the long-awaited new installment of the biopic about the late queen of Elizabeth II of England and the royal family. Some episodes whose main novelty is the arrival of a new cast which, in fact, is in the middle of filming the … Read more

9 Facts To Understand If “Terrifier 2” Could Make You Faint At The Movies

9 Facts To Understand If Terrifier 2 Could Make You

The new horror movie “Terrifier 2” has flooded social media with reaction videos, showing how “terrifying” it is to watch. But is it really so terrifying to cause fainting? Here we bring you some information so you can decide if you want to see it: Advertisements 1. The movie shows “Art the clown” in a … Read more

10 unknown facts about “Titanic”, the film by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

10 unknown facts about Titanic the film by Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s been 25 years since it was released “Titanic”that film that left us with a lump in our throats and a broken heart after the tragic end of Jack and Rose’s love story, as well as the loss of hundreds of human lives. Due to the impact generated by the plot, it became one of … Read more

The Observer: 7 facts about the real house of this Netflix series

The Observer 7 facts about the real house of this

Just in time for horror season, the Serie The eitherobserver (either The Watcher) from Netflix has arrived to feed our nightmares. This stranger than fiction story chronicles what happened at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey. Based on the 2018 The Cut report The Haunting of a Dream House and created by the mind behind … Read more

Slayer: 10 Facts About Thrash Metal’s Most Aggressive Band

Slayer 10 Facts About Thrash Metals Most Aggressive Band

The band slayer is, without a doubt, one of the greatest representatives of thrash metal, a style characterized by fast and aggressive songs. Throughout their career, which unfortunately came to an end, the quartet released albums that are indispensable classics of the porradaria, such as “Show No Mercy”, “Reign In Blood”, “Seasons In The Abyss” … Read more

Caracol TV’s ‘La Descargar’: curious facts about musical production

Caracol TVs La Descargar curious facts about musical production

Very soon the nights of Colombian homes will arrive The discharge, the temple of musicthe new reality show from Caracol Television; a totally original and very innovative television format, with which the national television station hopes to conquer the attention of viewers and expose the national musical talent. You can not lose this! In this … Read more

Jeff Dhamer’s 5 Weirdest Facts That Will Give You Goosebumps

The chilling facts of Jeff Dhamer October 22, 2022 3:30 p.m. Jeff Dhamer was a serial killer that recently the streaming platform known as Netflix, decided to launch the terrifying story in which it has been a success, because the story of the Milwaukee butcher in which he narrates how Jeff begins from his adolescence … Read more

5 facts about “Emancipation”, the great return of Will Smith after being banned from the Oscars

5 facts about Emancipation the great return of Will Smith

A runaway slave makes his way through the swamps of Louisiana on a tortuous journey to escape plantation owners who nearly killed him. (AppleTV) Sooner than we expected Will Smith is back with a powerful story to AppleTV+. emancipation It is the first film that the Afro-descendant actor will star in after the controversy he … Read more

10 incredible facts behind “Blonde”, the Netflix movie

1664717786 10 incredible facts behind Blonde the Netflix movie

BLONDE is the boldly reimagined personal story of the world’s most famous sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Just two days after its premiere in the giant of the “N”, Blonde entered the Top 100 ranking of the best films so far in 2022, occupying the #30 position so far, according to FilmAffinity. The biographical production of … Read more