J Balvin shares a tender video with his son: “My new facet”

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Kenia You enjoy her new facet, music: “I knew I had a voice but I was afraid”

Kenia You enjoy her new facet music I knew I

The unpredictability of her foray into music made her have to prepare in different fields, she tried to have an instrumental training and although that was not what she expected, she did not abandon her singing lessons. From “influencer” to businesswoman and from businesswoman to singer, the Mexican Kenia Os He has not stopped exploring … Read more

Tonight on TV: An unknown Henry Cavill film to discover him in another facet

Tonight on TV An unknown Henry Cavill film to discover

The DC superhero becomes a detective in search of a serial killer. We are used to seeing Henry Cavill clad in his tight suit and protected by his red cape. The British actor became known with his herculean physique in the role of Superman, but in his filmography he has many other characters. Today you … Read more

Jean-Paul Belmondo: 5 little-known films to discover another facet of his talent

Jean Paul Belmondo 5 little known films to discover another facet of

We mainly remember from Jean-Paul Belmondo the image of an actor of action comedies with stunts in spades. Discover another facet of his talent, with 5 nuggets from his filmography. StudioCanal From his thriller / action period, we most often remember Fear of the city, Cop or thug or even The Professional, but let’s not … Read more