Former Death drummer Bill Andrews ‘was totally on board’ to take part in Chuck Schuldiner tribute concerts –

Anterior DEATH members James Murphy (guitar) and Terry Butler (bass) will perform the band’s third classic album, “Spiritual healing”, entirely in two shows in Florida. The December 11-12 concerts at Brass Mug in Tampa, where Murphy and Butler the drummer will join him Gus Rios (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIVINE EMPIRE) and guitarist / vocalist Matt Harvey … Read more

Mira a Tom Hanks en The Burbs on Peacock –

Watch Tom Hanks in The Burbs on Peacock Marseille

From the trunk: As the streaming space continues to grow, massive studio catalogs are becoming more and more available. These include lost and forgotten gems, rags so bad they’re good, and just plain weird pieces of movie history. And you probably won’t find them waiting for streamers to place them in front of you. At … Read more

Chris Hemsworth and Bridgerton Extraction Top Netflix’s Most Viewed Charts –

Chris Hemsworth ripped Bridgerton topped Netflixs most watched charts

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos told Variety that talent should get what it deserves. (Netflix) Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth, which premiered on Netflix during last year’s national shutdown, has become the most-watched movie on the platform. The American streaming giant recently released data on its most-watched movies and shows. While Extraction, which also starred Bollywood actor … Read more

Billy Zane’s cameo is still perfect ⋆. –

The premiere, immediate reception and eventual re-evaluation of the film Zoolander it’s kind of riveting, especially for a mostly harmless and aggressively silly 90-minute comedy in which Owen Wilson Says the phrase “dera-lick my balls, captain.” Zoolander arrived just two weeks after September 11, 2001, and history shows this parody of the fashion industry in … Read more

Sabaton announces last minute concert in Denver following cancellation of Judas Priest tour –

Swedish metalheads SABATON will play a unique headlining concert tonight (Wednesday, September 29) at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado. The show was booked at the last minute after the postponement of the rest of the band’s tour of the United States as an act of support for JUDAS PRIEST as a result of PRIEST … Read more

The internet is crazy that Chris Pratt is Mario in a Nintendo movie –

Foto: Kevin Winter (.) Nintendo dropped a King Bob-omb-sized grenade into America’s social fabric yesterday when it announced that the leading man in Hollywood and charming town idiot Chris Pratt would be Mario. That’s right, the Italian plumber is finally making a comeback on the big screen after a hiatus of nearly 30 years. The … Read more

The daring album that reshaped Björk’s career –

Although Björk had made a name for himself with the beloved indie cult The Sugarcubes, few expected the huge success that followed when he launched a solo career. However, her first two albums, Debut and Post, and accompanying hits such as “Violently Happy,” “Army Of Me,” and “It’s Oh So Quiet,” had proven to be … Read more

Nicole Kidman talks about divorce with Tom Cruise, media scrutiny: ‘I offered it’ –

Nicole Kidman talks about divorce with Tom Cruise media scrutiny

Nicole Kidman gave a brief insight into her marriage and subsequent divorce from Tom Cruise. Kidman and Cruise got together after meeting on the set of “Days of Thunder.” The actors married just six months after the film’s 1990 release and stayed together for more than a decade before finally breaking up in 2001. Both … Read more

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman share the humble roots of coming to America ‘with nothing’ –

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman share the humble roots of

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman continue to reflect on their lives together as they revisit the site where they got engaged some 15 years ago. “We got engaged right here in New York City,” the 53-year-old superstar said during her visit to the “Today” arena on Friday. I proposed to her here on the Hudson. … Read more

The story behind Lady Gaga’s anthem for equality –

After years of singing in local clubs in New York City, Lady Gaga officially emerged with the 2008 debut album, The Fame. With the chart-topping hits “Just Dance” and “Poker Face,” the singer reinvigorated the pop scene with her outrageous outfits and ear for catchy dance tunes. But it was in 2011 that Lady Gaga … Read more