Goodbye Saul, goodbye Jimmy: Explained ending of Better Call Saul, the latest Breaking Bad story

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It was in 2015 when the first season of Better Call Saulspin-off of the world of breaking bad, the successful series by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould; and that under the same creators they now ventured with a new production starring Walter and Jesse’s lawyer, Saul Goodman. A story that began cautiously in Jimmy McGill’s … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’: The Ending Explained

Christopher Nolans Inception The Ending

Christopher Nolan likes to play with the public, and the movie that best demonstrates this is ‘Inception’our favorite of the British director outside of his Batman trilogy (as we said in our ranking of Christopher Nolan’s movies, ranked from worst to best). A labyrinthine story in which it is difficult to know where we are … Read more

Explained ending of “Wounded Hearts”: what happened to Cassie and Luke when their secret was revealed

Explained ending of Wounded Hearts what happened to Cassie and

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Starring sophia carson and Nicholas Galitzine, “Corazón malherido” (“Purple Hearts” in its original language) is a netflix romantic drama which follows Cassie, an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to get a musical opportunity while working at a bar to pay her rent and her diabetes treatment. One night after a brief presentation at the … Read more

Brad Pitt explained the reason for his extravagant look at the premiere of Bullet Train

In addition to being talented Brad Pitt He continues to be one of the great leading men of Hollywood. Even at 58, the actor still holds the title he earned back in the ’90s when he burst onto the big screen. These days the interpreter is promoting his new action movie in Europe Bullet Train, … Read more

‘The Boys’: the explained ending of season 3 of the series

The Boys the explained ending of season 3 of the

Another year, another list of depraved pranks for TheBoys in Prime Video. The octopuses were boneless – do you understand? It’s funny because they’re invertebrates-, the heroes were gassed, Todd (Matthew Gorman) became everyone’s most hated character, and Homelander (Antony Starr) slipped into new levels of horror. Despite all that, season 3 had its heart … Read more

‘The longest night’, the ending explained: what does the photograph of the last episode mean?

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Its plot unfolds on December 24, when a group of armed men surround the Monte Baruca prison and cut off all communications in the place. The aim of the attackers is to capture Simón Lago, a dangerous serial killer. If the guards decide to hand him over, the assault ends at that moment without any … Read more

The explained end of ‘The longest night’: What is THAT PHOTO?

The explained end of The longest night What is THAT

In recent years, Netflix has attempted to replicate the huge success of The Money Heist flooding your library with Spanish content. However, the outcome has been mostly lukewarm so far. Yes The longest night manages to overcome its terribly tiny marketing campaign, it has all the right ingredients to be the next great Spanish hit … Read more

Is it because of Karol G? Anuel and Yailin La Más Viral explained the reason why they prohibit colored wigs at their concerts

Is it because of Karol G Anuel and Yailin La

Anuel AA is no longer a couple Carol G but the shadow of his memory continues to haunt him and with it, also his new fiancée: Yailin The Most Viral. A few weeks ago it became known that the Dominican influencer and singer prohibited people who wear colored wigs from entering her concerts. At that … Read more

The Duffer brothers explained to Netflix the definitive ending of ‘Stranger Things’ and the directors ended up “crying”

yesand the first part of the fourth batch of episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ has broken views records in Netflix in its first weekend of release, the series finale aims to be hysterical. Although the second part of the current season still remains, with two episodes that will arrive on July 1, the duffer brothers They … Read more