Paulina Goto experiences moments of anguish having to “jump” from an Uber because she feels in danger

The morning of this May 14, Paulina Goto denounced through Twitter that felt in danger when the driver of the Uber in which he was traveling refused to let her hold the window down and had to jump out while the car was moving. The 30-year-old Mexican actress shared her network experience and asked Uber … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy says that “The Northman”, her new film, has been one of her favorite experiences

Anya Taylor Joy says that The Northman her new film has

Written in CELEBRITIES the 4/18/2022 3:32 p.m. Anya Taylor-Joy It has been characterized by the diversity of roles it has played. Before being the exceptional addicted chess player in the series “queen’s gambit” that elevated her to celebrity status, had played a complex role as Thomasin in “The Witch” (2015), a film set in 17th-century … Read more

Snow Festivals: The Ultimate in Brand Activations and Experiences

Snow Festivals The Ultimate in Brand Activations and

Talk about après ski in Spain is to do it in its different ski resorts: from Formigal to Sierra Nevada. After a long day enjoying the snow, visitors to these festivals can enjoy music and sports, a good tandem that have been hand in hand for some time to bring the public closer to a … Read more

The experiences of a TV producer who reported the tragedy of 9/11

The experiences of a TV producer who reported the tragedy

Rumbo a NY Three hours after the first plane crashed into one of the buildings, Galvis, along with a journalist, a cameraman and a fourth person close to the communicator, embarked on the “adventure” of traveling through much of the eastern part of the country to reach to Manhattan. Eighteen long hours of travel. At … Read more

“Genius: Aretha” comes to Star +: this Cynthia Erivo said about the hard experiences of the “Queen of Soul”

1628148317 Genius Aretha comes to Star this Cynthia Erivo said

Talking about Aretha Franklin not only implies highlighting the virtuosity of the singer-songwriter who praised ‘Soul’, but also remembering the unbridled torrent that she had as a lifestyle. The life, success and legacy of the ‘Queen of Soul’ were immortalized with hierarchy by the actress Cynthia Erivo in “Genius: Aretha”, a series that premieres this … Read more