Oppenheimer: Cillian Murphy for the new Nolan expected in 2023

Oppenheimer Cillian Murphy for the new Nolan expected in 2023

It was said that he would be involved in Christopher Nolan’s new film … The news fell like a bomb, Cillian Murphy is confirmed in the role of nuclear physicist, “father of the atomic bomb”, Robert Oppenheimer, in the film simply titled Oppenheimer. After a bidding up which led to the attribution of his next … Read more

No Time to Die collects less than expected at the box office | Tomatazos

No Time to Die collects less than expected at the

For the past few weeks, Hollywood has breathed an air of optimism. In large part, this is due to the premiere of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – 95%, a Disney release that came exclusively to theaters, while other studios continue with their premieres; some of them streaming only or in hybrid … Read more

Riddick 4: Vin Diesel promises film could arrive faster than expected

Riddick 4 Vin Diesel promises film could arrive faster than

Could it finally be the return of the franchise? Riddick ? In any case, this is what Vin Diesel suggested in an Instagram post. Franchise LThe Chronicles of Riddick began in 2000 when David Twohy, Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat adapted the original story of the Wheat brothers into a nervous sci-fi movie named Pitch … Read more

These are the expected Netflix releases for October 2021

These are the expected Netflix releases for October 2021

Entertainment options to enjoy at home continue to add up every month. In this sense, the platform Netflix has just announced the full list of premieres scheduled for the month of October regarding series and films. Among the launches next month we can highlight the premiere of the third season of “Luis Miguel: the series” … Read more

Reasons why Shang Chi is the live-action anime we expected | Tomatazos

Reasons why Shang Chi is the live action anime we

There are certain media that Hollywood has not yet figured out how to adapt satisfactorily. The two that always come to mind are video games and anime. In recent times it is becoming clear to me that with them, Hollywood is more successful if it only takes them as inspiration than if it tries to … Read more

‘Love is in the air’: the end of the Turkish series already has a premiere date (and it will be later than expected)

1630169071 Love is in the air the end of the Turkish

There is already a release date for the end from ‘Love is in the Air’, the popular Turkish series that has become an obsession for millions of viewers. It will be the September 22 when the romance between Serkan and Eda comes to an end with the broadcast of the fifteenth chapter of its second … Read more

‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’, the prequel to ‘The Hunger Games’, could arrive sooner than expected

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes the prequel to The

The prequel of the saga The Hunger Games could hit the movies in 2023. Production company Lionsgate is working hard to make The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes hit the big screen as soon as possible. According to reported Joe Drake, president of the production company’s motion picture division, the adaptation began pre-production this year. … Read more

Suicide Squad Disappoints at Box Office, Rains Less Than Expected | Tomatazos

Suicide Squad Disappoints at Box Office Rains Less Than

Apparently, The suicide squad – 91% is destined to debut at the box office with a grossing well below what was expected during its first days on the billboard. The new Warner Bros. adaptation grossed $ 12.1 million on opening day after being shown on 4,002 screens, and projections estimate its opening weekend total at … Read more

Isabel Pantoja reappears in Madrid days before her expected concert

Isabel Pantoja has reappeared after her loneliest birthday. The singer has traveled from Cantora to Madrid to finalize the details of her imminent concert. In these images we see her arriving at the recording studio with a serious gesture and covered by her brother Agustín. The artist did not comment on her difficult family situation. … Read more

Why does it often cost more than expected?

Stanley Cup Final Viggo Mortensen Its our moment

How do you manage to decode all the information when something unexpected happens? There are several variables and essentials to know. Is it really possible to calculate a renovation budget effectively? Yes, but you have to know about it. Posted on August 4, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Stephanie Levesque General contractor, guest collaborator Calculate the … Read more