Exile Content Studio launches a new original series in Spanish

ExileContentStudio, a Spanish and English content firm for a global audience on multiple platforms (TV, cinema, audio and digital), officially launched “La Casa de los Creadores”, a new three-episode short-form digital series in Spanish. Produced in Mexico with the participation of seven renowned content creators, each episode lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. The series … Read more

Spokesmen for the Cuban regime point to American Airlines in Anamely’s exile: “The most direct refusal was not given by us”

The presenter of the official television program with edgeGabriela Fernández Álvarez, said that the American Airlines company is the main responsible for the exile of the Cuban activist Anamely Ramos. “Until now the most direct and objective refusal was not given by usbut the media have a clear culprit, because as always Miami confirmed it,” … Read more

Yulién Oviedo takes a whirlwind trip to Miami and challenges exile

Oviedo, frequently criticized for his political views, responded to several Internet users who questioned his trip The singer Cuban Yulien Oviedo He arrived in Miami on Sunday on a whirlwind trip to carry out a promotion, the artist told América TeVé. Before a request for an interview, his musical promoter assured that the artist was … Read more