Metallica: Leader of Anthrax talks about the band and its evolution

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at

After some concerts he gave Metallica in San Francisco, a music artist also came out to comment on the thrash metal band. Leader of the band Anthrax gave his opinion on Metallica Scott Ian, leader and member of the band Anthrax, gave an interview about a month ago to Revolver, a YouTube channel where they … Read more

Anne Hathaway’s fashion evolution – Marie Claire Belgium

Anne Hathaways fashion evolution Marie Claire Belgium

From his first role in the series The Green Family in 1999, to his iconic performances on the big screen in The devil wears Prada or Rachel is getting married, Anne Hathaway has a concrete CV. Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, SAG award… The actress notably won everything in 2012 for her interpretation of Francine, … Read more

Ana de Armas shows the evidence of her great professional evolution: “I couldn’t have done it without you”

Ana de Armas shows the evidence of her great professional

Ever since he got his Golden Globe nomination, Anne of Arms He hasn’t stopped rising in Hollywood. This week we get her latest feature film, ‘the unseen agent‘, the new of the russo brothersthe directors of the end of the ‘The Avengers’ saga. On a recurring basis, the actress uses her social networks to show … Read more

The evolution of artists in the music industry: Why do they change their style?

Musical artists begin their careers by exploring sounds that can represent them to make their first steps in the industry. When they find them, they don’t always stay with them and they can make changes for a variety of reasons. From the little personal representation that they transmit to the adaptations to the new genres … Read more

Dragon Ball Evolution: James Marsters (Piccolo) knew that the film was a hoax on day one

Dragon Ball Evolution James Marsters Piccolo knew that the film

Dragon Ball Evolutionthe controversial and criticized film adaptation of a popular icon like dragon ballwill always be remembered as one of the great fiascos of modern cinema, a film that barely respected any of the original material to give fans a real nonsense at all levels. Now, the actor who gave life to the King … Read more

Rosalía’s ‘MOTOMOMAMI’ goes on sale: an album of contrasts that portrays her natural evolution

Rosalias MOTOMOMAMI goes on sale an album of contrasts that

Become the most important Spanish singer in the world, Rosalia has released the album that the music industry had been waiting for three years. The bombshell that was The Bad Want, which broke with any established norm in terms of genres and relegated the purists who questioned it to an outdated and old vision, raised … Read more

The evolution of Orlando Bloom through his iconic characters

The evolution of Orlando Bloom through his iconic characters

In honor of his 45th birthday, here is a reminder of why he will always be one of our favorite leading men, these are Orlando Bloom’s characters that marked his film career and made him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. You are interested: What does Orlando Bloom do to avoid the dangers … Read more

Jay-Z compares Beyoncé to Michael Jackson “She is an evolution of him”

Jay Z compares Beyonce to Michael Jackson She is an evolution

Earlier this week, Jay-Z He participated in Twitter Spaces along with Alicia Keys and Rob Markman, where he spoke about various aspects of his career and life. Later, the rapper predicted that he would have problems at home when comparing his wife, Beyoncé, with the legendary Michael Jackson. “Bey will be angry for what I … Read more

The Strokes: The evolution of Julian Casablancas in photos from 2001 to 2021

Few have been the groups that have marked both a generation and The Strokes. They were formed around 1998 in the heart of Manhattan, New York, even when some of its members were studying at school. Already established as a quintet, the ensemble rehearsed and performed tirelessly in the Big Apple for two years in … Read more

Jay-Z says Beyoncé is “an evolution” of Michael Jackson: he never had Coachella

Jay Z says Beyonce is an evolution of Michael Jackson he

Jay Z says Beyoncé is “an evolution” of Michael Jackson: he never had Coachella This article is automatically translated into your language. Please let us know if it contains errors. Jay-Z statement Beyoncé is “an evolution” of Michael Jackson: he never had Coachella Be Beyoncé a modern version of Michael Jackson? Yesterday evening (Tuesday December … Read more