The terrible accident suffered by Milla Jovovich’s double in Resident Evil that ruined her life

If there are people who deserve recognition within the industry, they are the stunt doubles. These risk their lives daily to perform pirouettes, stunts or actions that can put anyone at risk, even the actors in the movies, who are contractually prohibited from performing them, because the studios cannot afford to have a star sick … Read more

The evil of Angelina Jolie with Jennifer Aniston that Brad Pitt does not forgive

The evil of Angelina Jolie with Jennifer Aniston that Brad

The love story of Angelina Jolie Y Brad Pitt It started in the most scandalous way. They met shooting the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004 and apparently the chemistry they felt was so strong that they could not hide or deny it. At that time the actor was married to Jennifer Aniston and … Read more

The worst nightmare of the Wesker family: Resident Evil will not have season 2 on Netflix, according to Deadline

It was time to take stock and the cut has not been passed: according to reports the middle deadline in exclusive, Resident Evil series aired on Netflix will not have a second season. And despite the fact that it has only been a month and a half since its premiere, the other reality is that … Read more

Netflix cancels Resident Evil series after its first season

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

It was something that many viewers and fans of the popular Capcom saga expected, although it has now been officially confirmed. As reported since dead linethe series of resident Evil distributed by Netflix has been canceled after its first seasonso those who enjoyed the show will not be able to satisfy their intrigue to discover … Read more

What to see on Disney +: one of the best versions of ‘Resident Evil’ was seen on the big screen, it is Spanish and it does not adapt any video game

It never ceases to be interesting how culture feeds on itself and, through the media, changes and evolves to move with the times. It would not be easy to think of the existence of a game like ‘resident Evil‘ without the previous impact that the zombie movies of George A. Romero that settled the idea … Read more

The best series of ‘Resident Evil’ is also on Netflix but it is not an adaptation of the video game

‘resident Evil‘ is the new zombie TV series from Netflixbased on the video game franchise that has sold millions of copies worldwide since it was launched in 1996. The umpteenth different vision of what the game offers, with an approach that seeks to forget the singod of Milla Jovovich’s films, but what he manages to … Read more

The Netflix series Resident Evil becomes the worst rated video game adaptation of all

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On July 14 it landed in the catalog of Netflix resident Evila new original series for the platform based on the popular Capcom video game saga. On this occasion, the resident evil series it doesn’t “adapt” any particular video game as such, but tells a completely new story continuing the events of the last games. … Read more

Lance Reddick would like Milla Jovovich to appear in Netflix’s Resident Evil series

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Milla Jovovich is the undisputed icon of the film saga of resident Evil. The actress starred in the first six video game adaptations of resident Evil and put an end to his relationship with the saga after the premiere of Resident Evil: Final Chapter (2017). In recent years, resident Evil has begun to return to … Read more

Resident Evil, review of the new Netflix series. An accident that is not Umbrella’s fault

Resident Evil review of the new Netflix series An accident

More than 35 years of history, dozens of video games and most importantly, a lifetime slot in the Horror Hall of Fame. That’s it resident Evil, the franchise born in 1996 by Capcom with Shinji Mikami at the helm. The great insignia – with permission from Alone in the Dark – of survival horror as … Read more