La increíble historia del segundo marido de Marilyn Monroe, que era más famoso que ella

La increible historia del segundo marido de Marilyn Monroe que

Rubia, la película de Andrew Dominick, con una excepcional actuación de Ana de Armas, está basada en la novela de Joyce Carol Oates. La crítica y el público ya se pronunciaron sobre la obra (¿cruda? ¿extensa? ¿artísticamente bella?). Es una adaptación libre sobre la vida y tragedia de Marilyn Monroe, de cuya muerte acaban de … Read more

El bigrafo de Marilyn, contra 'Blonde': “Ella no era ni dbil ni tonta, no han entendido nada”

El biografo de Marilyn contra aposBlondeapos Ella no era ni

Blonde, la pelcula, es una ficcin basada en otra ficcin –Blonde, la novela de Joyce Carol Oates- basada a su vez, aunque caprichosamente, en la vida de una persona de carne y hueso llamada Marilyn Monroe. Por ello, la escabrosa ordala, entre fascinante y grotesca, orquestada en la pantalla por su guionista y director, Andrew … Read more

La Máscara, la película que consagró a Carrey y mostró que Cameron Díaz era la combinación perfecta de cara bonita y guarra

La Mascara la pelicula que consagro a Carrey y mostro

La Máscara se estrenó en 1994 con Jim Carrey como protagonista (Grosby) En 1994, Cameron Díaz era una modelo de 22 años, muy bonita que había protagonizado decenas de publicidades, una portada para una revista de adolescentes y un cortometraje softcore como “chica desnuda”. Para esa misma época Jim Carrey era una actor de 32 … Read more

How was the painful death of Pepito Romay, the child actor prodigy of the Golden Cinema era

The golden movie era Mexican gave us films that will be remembered forever, but this time also gave us performances and actors that marked a before and after in the history of cinematography in our country. Between 1936 and 1956, Mexico was the cradle of Latin American cinema, since at that time the world was … Read more

Musical precariousness in the era of TikTok, streaming and macro festivals (Part II)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

In the first part of this article I have spoken in depth about the festival bubble in Spain. But many things have remained in my inkwell to comment and I will do it here. Amid the excess of macro-festivals, the closure of small venues due to the pandemic and the difficulty that small self-managed events … Read more

“The rings of power”: a new era begins

The rings of power a new era begins

A scene from the series “The Rings of Power”, the prequel to the famous “Lord of the Rings” saga. / Courtesy Prime Video Beginning in a time of relative peace, Prime Video’s “Rings of Power” on September 2 will follow a cast of characters facing off against the dreaded resurgence of evil in Middle-earth. It … Read more

‘The House of the Dragon’ vs. ‘The Rings of Power’: why its almost simultaneous premiere marks a new era

The House of the Dragon vs The Rings of Power

It is a well-known practice in classic television and its also conventional consumption. Channels that counterprogram the successful products of others, with the intention of stealing viewers. Perhaps the analogy between Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon from HBO Max and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power it may be somewhat … Read more

Resident Evil review: survival horror is renewed for the post-covid era and loses steam as it develops

Resident Evil review survival horror is renewed for the post covid

We have already seen the eight episodes that make up the first season of resident Evila series that aspires to renewal, judging by the many fringes that remain hanging without a clear resolution and that will land on Netflix next Thursday, July 14. The duration of each episode varies between 40 and 60 you … Read more

Does the Keanu Reeves era begin at Marvel Studios?

Everyone’s favorite Canadian actor and musician, Keanu Reevescould start at “Marvel StudiosThe actor has garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal. A New York Times critic praised his versatility, saying “He displays considerable discipline and range…he moves easily between the buttoned-down attitude that suits the story of a police procedural and the carefree manner of his … Read more