“Acapulco shore 10”, chapter 8 complete for FREE: watch the new episode here

“Acapulco shore” is one of the best-known television programs in different parts of the world for its sometimes objectionable content. However, if you like this type of format, learn a little more about the Mexican version of the reality show “Jersey Shore”. What happened in the last chapter in “Acapulco shore 10”? The members of … Read more

Tom Hanks plays an “Ibicencan” monster in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Actor Tom Hanks, winner of two Oscars for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, appeared this Saturday morning on one of the longest-running comedy shows on American television, Saturday Night Live, playing the “monster” David S. Pumpkins (translatable as David Calabazas) in the program that is broadcast just the week of Halloween, which includes … Read more

The episode of “El Chavo del 8” that revealed the dark secret of Professor Jirafales

The dark side of Professor Jirafales October 28, 2022 11:11 a.m. El Chavo del 8 was one of the most important programs on humorous television, it is inevitable to have seen the series since it was broadcast in several Spanish-speaking countries, the story created by Chespirito was one of the best that marked several generations, … Read more

“I was blown away by this story”: Christian Bale uncovers in ‘Amsterdam’ a historical episode unknown to many

I was blown away by this story Christian Bale uncovers

The actor stars in and produces the new David O. Russell, with whom he already worked on ‘The Great American Swindle’. In theaters from October 28. History hides, on many occasions, great anecdotes and characters that exceed what any Hollywood movie can tell. David O. Russell and Christian Bale have relied on the well-known saying … Read more

Acapulco Shore 10 chapter 5 complete FREE: watch the new episode here

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

“Acapulco Shore” It never ceases to amaze with each chapter it broadcasts. The lack of control in the lives of the members of the house keeps the entire intentional audience aware of what will happen in the next edition of the MTV program. In the following note, you will be able to find out everything … Read more

Kingdom Hearts was about to have an animated series in 2003 and its pilot episode is a dart of nostalgia

Why has there never been an animated series of Kingdom Hearts? The franchise cries out to heaven for an adaptation of this type, but the truth is that it has never been produced… or has it? Seth Kearsley, director of Eight Crazy Nights, has unearthed from the depths of his house a unmissable gem. And … Read more

The Midnight Club Gives Netflix Guinness World Record for Most Frights in a TV Episode

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

Today it opens in Netflix the midnight cluba new original series of the platform that comes from the hand of mike flanaganresponsible for other successes such as The Curse of Hill House. Despite having shown his talent for the horror genre in several series and some other movie What doctor sleepMike Flanagan isn’t a fan … Read more

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne, visiting Argentina, ended up involved in a violent episode | guioteca.com

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne visiting Argentina ended up

The actresses traveled incognito to Buenos Aires, where they tried to photograph them together. Sunday 2 October 2022 Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne met while filming “Suicide Squad” (2016) and have been great friends ever since. This was demonstrated a few weeks ago, when before the versions that the model was not well, the Australian … Read more

M*A*S*H stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first episode | Pretty Reel

MASH stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th

Five decades to the day after M*A*S*H premiered on CBS, two of its stars raised a toast to celebrate the hit TV show’s 50th anniversary. On September 17, 1972, the show aired its first episode, serving as a spin-off of the M*A*S*H movie released in 1970. Its title is an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical … Read more