The Flash: first fan reactions confirm that the movie is spectacular and epic | tomatoes

The Flash first fan reactions confirm that the movie is

In the United States, some fans were already able to attend special screenings of The Flash, and have expressed their opinions on social networks, confirming what critics had already said since they saw the production almost a month ago, that it is a superhero movie. special, spectacular and epic. You may also like: The Flash: … Read more

Epic encounter: Alicia Keys takes Anita Tijoux on stage in the middle of her concert in Chile

Epic encounter Alicia Keys takes Anita Tijoux on stage in

Close to the end of the concert, the Chilean singer Ana Tijoux appeared to perform a particular feat with Alicia Keys, who sang Girl on Fire. This Tuesday the American actress and singer Alicia Keys surprised her Chilean fans when, in the middle of her concert, take the Chilean rapper Anita Tijoux on stagewith whom … Read more

Napoleon: Joaquin Phoenix more warlike than ever on this epic first official image of Ridley Scott’s film

Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix more warlike than ever on this epic

2023 will mark the reunion between Ridley Scott And Joaquin Phoenix In Napoleonmore than twenty years later Gladiator. We have just discovered the first official image of the film. A great show in perspective While some of his films from the 2010s did not meet with unanimous approval, such as Prometheus And Alien Covenant, Sir … Read more

All of Zack Snyder’s cinema draws from the same place: this epic adventure film from the 80s is his main source of inspiration (and he has copied it many times)

All of Zack Snyders cinema draws from the same place

It is inevitable to drag the tastes or influences that have impacted you the most in the formative years, those where the brain is more receptive and releasing more hormones that later emerge with the memory or recovery of those tastes and influences. Not even artists escape trying continuously pursue that cinematographic holy grail that … Read more

Get psyched up because the most epic magical duel may never happen: Eddie Redmayne knows nothing about the future of ‘Fantastic Beasts 4’

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

The actor brings Newt Scamander to life, but ‘Dumbledore’s Secrets’ may have been the last time for the Oscar winner. The original plan was to bring to the big screen the most epic magical duel of all time: the one that took place in 1945 between albus dumbledore Y Gellert Grindelwald and that ended the … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy and Miles Teller together the epic action romance from the director of Sinister

Anya Taylor-Joy Y Miles Teller They are two of the exponents of acting today, so the news that they will join for the first time on screen is a novelty for fans who already wanted to see them in a project together. summoned by Scott Derricksondirector of “Sinister” and “The BlackPhone” (the acclaimed film starring … Read more

You don’t want to miss this epic fight between Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch animated by a fan

You dont want to miss this epic fight between Doctor

This video shows a scene that fans would have loved to see: a magical match between the Scarlet Witch and the Sorcerer Supreme. 09/05/2022 00:00 After the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the opinions of fans – and critics, of course – for the characters were divided. In the first place … Read more

Tatiana took the memes with this epic moment in MasterChef Celebrity

Master Chef Celebrity It is definitely the kitchen of the emotions and the truth is that in the second episode, that was precisely what was not lacking, because for the first time we saw many tears, angersmiles, delusions and hopes, which are definitely transmitted even through the screen and as much as we don’t want … Read more