Mary Elizabeth Winstead: the seven most epic films of her filmography

Mary Elizabeth Winstead the seven most epic films of her

Since it debuted, Mary Elizabeth Winstead She seems determined to expose her great talent in front of the camera. It does not matter if it is a drama, a horror film, a thriller or a comedy, it seems that the American actress has a series entrusted to make it clear that she is an actress … Read more

‘La Casa Gucci’: Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic that cries out to be disheveled with more bombast camp

1637876716 La Casa Gucci Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic

In a moment of ‘The Gucci House‘(House of Gucci) Adam Driver’s character attends a fashion runway, and between the flashes and the darkness he seems to glimpse a Lady Gaga bathed in flashes of light that allow him to see a sinister smile, in what seems almost a diabolical appearance very much in keeping with … Read more

This character will be in Hawkeye and his return will be epic

This character will be in Hawkeye and his return will

Hawkeye, the next series from Marvel Studios and Disney +, is already a week away from being released. Before that, the director confirmed a special return. Marvel still has all the focus on staying on top of the entertainment industry. For this, the company has not launched productions only in who, but also on the … Read more

‘Way Down’: a nice B-side of ‘La fortuna’ and ‘La casa de papel’ to relive the epic of the iniestazo

1636588072 Way Down a nice B side of La fortuna and La

The robbery cinema lives an interesting revival with the success of many and very diverse proposals that they raise big coups and epic robberies against the backdrop of the financial crisis acting as a facilitator of the sympathies of the general public. ‘Way Down‘is a good example of the good health of the genre and especially in Spain, since it is directed by Jaume Balagueró, in his first non-documentary work far from horror or thriller.

In recent years we have had many examples, but ‘The Money Heist‘is an inescapable global phenomenon that has much in common with this new approach to the world of thieves. The specific point that plays against this film is that its theft is precisely in the Bank of Spain, the place where we have been three seasons of the Netflix phenomenon, which leads to a very difficult level of complexity equal in two hours.

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‘Eternals’: ‘Nomadland’ director signs Marvel’s most unusual film, an epic marked by naturalistic beauty and pompous superheroes

Eternals Nomadland director signs Marvels most unusual film an epic

If I had to point out a single great virtue thanks to which the world of “pajamas” comics has managed to trap countless readers – including a server – in its networks throughout its long history, that would undoubtedly be its characters. An assortment of heroes and heroines that transcend their powers and superhuman natures to offer a reflection of the marginality, the trauma and the helplessness that the mundane alter-egos that hide behind capes, masks and masks tend to enclose.

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Epic trailer for ‘Moonfall’, the new Roland Emmerich with a stellar cast

1635847713 Epic trailer for Moonfall the new Roland Emmerich with a

Roland Emmerich does not rest. The filmmaker recreates putting the Earth against the ropes in his different films, always looking for a new way to destroy humanity and put civilization under his yoke. You’ve already explored alien invasions, Mayan prophecies, or even the effects of a climate collapse, but you still have new ideas. The … Read more

“Give him back his money and let him get out”: Eduin Caz, lead singer of Grupo Firme, runs epic to concert fan

Give him back his money and let him get out.img

Eduin Caz, vocalist of the Firm Group, again demonstratedwhy is he one of the singers with the most followers in recent years. And it is that with courage and without showing arrogance, the interpreter reacted in an epic way when confronting a fan who threw beer on stage. How did you react? Did you display … Read more

‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ shows the epic trailer of its Part 2 on Netflix

1635437738 Masters of the Universe Revelation shows the epic trailer of

Created by Kevin Smith, the Adventures of He-Man will continue in Netflix Espaa next month with a new batch of episodes of this animated series. Will be released next November 23, concluding, with new chapters, the adventures of the most powerful group of heroes in Eternia. To whet your appetite, Netflix has distributed a spectacular … Read more

This is ‘The Battle at Lake Changkin’, the epic war movie that has defeated Marvel and James Bond to become the highest grossing of the year

1635082618 This is The Battle at Lake Changkin the epic war

China has become a key country in determining the success or failure of a film. In Hollywood they are like crazy to release their big bets there, but at the moment of truth it is the local productions that break the cord. The last example we have with ‘The Battle at Lake Changkin’, an epic … Read more

These are the 25 most epic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

These are the 25 most epic moments in the Marvel

In 2008, Marvel Studios forever changed the concept of the cinematic universe. And if you hurry us, even the saga within the Seventh Art. Nothing like it has been achieved in Hollywood. After the premiere of Iron Man With Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Feige and his followers drew a path through a narrative that was … Read more