“My concerts are full of energy, more energy than most people would imagine”

My concerts are full of energy more energy than most

We have been able to listen to his music in films such as “Pretty Woman”, “The Bodyguard” or “Wall Street”, he surpasses -by far- in record sales the great names in the history of jazz and his own is written about a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He turned songs like “Silhouette”, “Forever … Read more

Solar energy, LED lights and zero waste: headliners for the festivals of the future

Solar energy LED lights and zero waste headliners for the

Awareness of the seriousness of climate change has permeated all areas, including culture. And, very specifically, in music. That is why there are more and more groups and singers who make the banner of sustainability their own in their tours and performances, who are looking for ways to make their tours more respectful of the … Read more

Torchlight concert in Ukraine or how to invite to save energy

This documentary can help you love the Holy Mass much

This content was published on 17 October 2022 – 14:08 17 October 2022 – 14:08 Rostyslav Averchuk Lviv (Ukraine), Oct 17 (EFE). – The Lviv Organ Hall shows how to save energy consumption to the inhabitants of that city in western Ukraine, with concerts in the dark after Russian attacks on energy infrastructure and while … Read more

Maluma in Lima: a night of toasts, overflow of energy and enjoyment in his “second home” [CRÓNICA]

Maluma in Lima a night of toasts overflow of energy

Just over 3 hours (by air) separate Medellín from Lima. Such is the case that Juan Luis Londoño Arias -o Maluma– You can wake up, have lunch at home with your family and friends, get on your private plane and land on Lima soil around 6 in the afternoon. For the night, she has a … Read more

This is Lady Gaga’s favorite menu to gain energy before the show

This is Lady Gagas favorite menu to gain energy before

The demanding daily schedule that Lady Gaga has to fulfill, leads her to take care of her diet, although contrary to what we might think, the singer does not follow any strict diet to lose weight, since the main purpose is that each bite provides her with a lot of energy, to give 100% on … Read more

In full concert, Bad Bunny throws everything at LUMA Energy and the governor of Puerto Rico for blackouts on the island

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

The town concert that reggaeton singer Bad Bunny performed last night in Puerto Rico was colored by a direct claim to LUMA Energy, a private company that manages and supplies electricity on the island due to the constant blackouts. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, also did not come out unscathed from the artist’s … Read more

Alicia Machado says that Kevin Acevedo of LUMA Energy is “gorgeous” and invited him to her “show”

Alicia Machado says that Kevin Acevedo of LUMA Energy is

It is not news that the Venezuelan actress and presenter Alicia Machado he is characterized by being a person without a filter, who says things as he thinks them. Since yesterday, the first winner of “The house of the famous” from Telemundo has not stopped praising and thanking the Puerto Ricans for the good treatment … Read more

Álvaro Benito (Pignoise): “In football I work with a fresh brain and at concerts with full energy”

Alvaro Benito Pignoise In football I work with a fresh

The name of Alvaro Benito to some he will refer to that of the ex-footballer of the Real Madridto others, to the commentator of Movistar + or to the one of Ser, and to many others, to the vocalist and guitarist of Pignoise. Is the same. Together with the Bombai group, Pignoise with Álvaro Benito … Read more

Ricky Martin celebrates his 50 years with the same energy and ‘better than ever’

Ricky Martin celebrates his 50 years with the same energy

Ricky Martin celebrates his 50 years of life this Friday with “the same energy” to continue delighting his followers on stage and feeling “better than ever and more committed” to his musical career and his philanthropic mission. “I am living a very interesting time in my life, many things expected and others that I did … Read more