Behind the scenes of the Montaner family: endless travel and tours, global fame and unlimited faith in God

Behind the scenes of the Montaner family endless travel and

For the patriarch of the Montaner family, Ricardo MontanerTelling his life, that of his family and what they have achieved in the musical world in a film has been a dream for decades. That dream took shape last Wednesday through a docuseries released by the Disney+ platform. Under the name of The Montaners —as it … Read more

Frustration and endless virtual queues for Coldplay tickets become memes

Frustration and endless virtual queues for Coldplay tickets become memes

The band Coldplay is breaking records and exceeding any expectations with his tour Music Of The Spheres Tour 2023 and the desire to see them is making the virtual queues to get tickets are virtually kilometric. Two dates were planned in Barcelona, ​​May 24 and 25 and Live Nation has responded quickly to the demand … Read more

AN ENDLESS DAY – Review of the film by Harold Ramis, with Bill Murray

AN ENDLESS DAY Review of the film by Harold

Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell come together in this romantic comedy where Phil, a very selfish weatherman, wakes up the same day every time. He constantly relives the most terrible day of his life and can determine the events of the day… to perfection! “It’s Groundhog Day!” ” …Again… ? The eternal return Directed and … Read more

Slideshow Marion Cotillard: Mini-shorts and endless legs, sensual look for Chanel against Keira Knightley and her husband

Slideshow Marion Cotillard Mini shorts and endless legs sensual look for

News Excluded People France Policy interview People UK People US All themes Movie theater Johnny Depp Blake Lively Tom Cruise Leila Bekhti Carole Bouquet Gérard Depardieu Sophie Marceau Pierre Niney Juliette Binoche Emmanuelle Beart Series tomorrow belongs to us Here it all starts More beautiful life such a big sun TV Reality show Large families … Read more

“Edge of Tomorrow”, on TMC: the endless day of Tom Cruise

Edge of Tomorrow on TMC the endless day of Tom

Bill Cage (Tom Cruise), in “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014), by Doug Liman. WARNER BROS TMC – WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30 AT 9:15 P.M. – FILM In 1993, Harold Ramis (1944-2014) came out an endless daya masterpiece of comedy, where Bill Murray plays a bad guy who is a prisoner for a day and repeats himself endlessly, … Read more

Sinead O’Connor: The endless ordeal of the Irish singer

Sinead OConnor The endless ordeal of the Irish singer

That question, old and multipurpose by Mario Vargas Llosa, becomes pertinent to think now about the Irish singer who presented herself to the world with a shaved head, equal parts of the beauty of Romy Schneider and the asceticism of the Dalai Lama. At what point was Sinead O’Connor’s path damaged? Driven by the latest … Read more

Eddie Hall and Sylvester Stallone, endless muscle meeting

Eddie Hall and Sylvester Stallone endless muscle meeting

Sylvester Stallone y Eddie Hall coincided during the Arnold Sports Classic in the UK, and left a snapshot full of muscles To remember. Eddie Hall makes fun of the boxing match between Hafthor Bjornsson and Devon Larratt. Eddie Hall and his idol Arnold Schwarzenegger: story of a student and his teacher. What do they do … Read more

Camila Sodi’s ‘Endless Pain’ has an explanation of the past

Camila Sodis Endless Pain has an explanation of the past

Each song has a story, a feeling, a memory or some other source of inspiration behind it. In the case of “Pain without End”, Camila Sodi’s new single, there is a heartbreak, a catharsis and the reference to a revered movie. “At the beginning of the year they broke my heart quite hard, I had … Read more

MYTHICAL COUPLES. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, an endless saga

MYTHICAL COUPLES Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie an endless saga

Their passions make us dream and their heartbreaks fascinate us … Closer tells you about these couples of unforgettable stars! This week the Brangelina. It is by playing the hot couple who hold the title role in Mr & Mrs Smith, by Doug Liman, whom Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fall in love, in 2004. … Read more