Cruella: why costumes were a problem for Emma Stone and Emma Thompson? – CineSeries

Cruella why costumes were a problem for Emma Stone and

A live-action prequel to the classic “101 Dalmatians”, “Cruella” was one of the most anticipated films of 2021. And the least we can say is that the film did not disappoint, especially in the area of ​​costumes. cruella : genesis of a villain When the first trailer for cruella went out, many drew a comparison … Read more

10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Emma Watson! – Mag Mirror

10 Surprising Facts You Didnt Know About Emma Watson

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Emma Watson is undoubtedly a household name at this point – and since then she’s been playing the role ofHermione Barnr in the popular series Harry Potter. British actress Emma Watson burst onto the scene in 2001 as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. In the years since the … Read more

Emma Stone and 5 other celebrities who teach about copper hair

1649965621 Emma Stone and 5 other celebrities who teach about copper

The hair red or copper became a symbol of sensuality in Hollywood and it shows Emma Stone on all the red carpets. The trend caught on long before the days of Marilyn Monroe, who everyone remembers with her platinum blonde, but her natural color was a light orange. This color is a consequence of the … Read more

Emma Watson and Tom Felton’s Relationship Over the Years: From First Crush to Best Friends – Up News Info News in France and abroad

Emma Watson and Tom Feltons Relationship Over the Years From

Emma Watson and Tom Felton have developed a close friendship after getting to know each other while making the ‘Harry Potter’ films over the years. Take a look back at their sweet times together from start to presentation here. Emma Watson31, and Tom Felton, 34, were two of Hollywood’s closest friends in a relationship that … Read more

Harry Potter: in this video, Emma Watson supports trans people to the great regret of JK Rowling

Harry Potter in this video Emma Watson supports trans people

In a video that has gone viral on the web, actress Emma Watson addressed the question of the rights of transgender people it’s clear. The contrast is so obvious! His ideas seem far removed from those distilled by JK Rowlingthe star writer of the saga Harry Potter. Emma Watson, a committed actress The more time … Read more

Emma Watson? Daniel Radcliffe confesses his CRUSH with an ACTRESS with whom he worked

Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe confesses his CRUSH with an ACTRESS

british actor Daniel Radcliffe He surprised all his followers by revealing during an interview, carried out as part of the promotion of his most recent film “The Lost City”, the name of two actresses to which he has been attracted. the protagonist of Harry Potter assured Capital Breakfast that he had a “celebrity crush” with … Read more

Your series preferences will tell us if you’re more Emma Watson or Hermione Granger

Your series preferences will tell us if youre more Emma

Published on April 3, 2022 6:00 a.m. By Marion LeCoq Are you a fan of Harry Potter and in particular the character of Hermione Granger? So choose your favorite series from the list and we’ll tell you if you look more like Emma Watson or the smartest witch of her generation! IF THIS QUIZ IS … Read more

Bruce Willis sick: how his wife, Emma Heming, helps him on a daily basis

Bruce Willis sick how his wife Emma Heming helps him

Suffering from aphasia, a language disorder, Bruce Willis, now retired, can count on the support of his wife, Emma Heming. The news has caused a stir among many fans of the star of diehard. On Wednesday, March 30, the family of Bruce Willis announced on Instagram that the 67-year-old actor was ending his career. A … Read more

Emma Thompson inspires women over 60 to choose the most hip looks

1648400892 Emma Thompson inspires women over 60 to choose the most

emma thompson She is one of the references in Hollywood for her great performances. In addition, she recently became one of the famous leaders to affirm that all her life she felt bad about her body because of what society dictates to us, and that today we should all love and respect our bodies as … Read more