Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller and Emily Beecham star in My Mother’s Wedding

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

07/28/2022 – Kristin Scott Thomas’ directorial debut centers on three sisters with dysfunctional love lives trying to come to terms with their mother’s third wedding This article is available in English. Main photography has wrapped on Kristin ScottThomas‘s directorial debut, titled My Mother’s Wedding. The award-winning actress has taken part in a number of successful … Read more

Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) makes a sublime declaration of love to her husband Charlie McDowell, who answers her (PHOTO)

Lily Collins Emily in Paris makes a sublime declaration of

This July 10, the husband of Lily Collins, director Charlie McDowell celebrated his 39th birthday. The opportunity for the star toEmily in Paris to send him a sublime declaration of love on Instagram. The continuation under this advertisement fans of the series Emily in Paris eagerly awaiting season 3 on Netflix. The continuation of the … Read more

Los secretos de Emily Blunt: el trastorno que padece desde niña, cuando casi mata a Tom Cruise y el grave error en su boda con John Krasinski

Los secretos de Emily Blunt el trastorno que padece desde scaled

Emily Blunt se hizo famosa con la película “El diablo viste a la moda” “No sé si las películas de superhéroes son para mí. Realmente no me gustan”, dijo una vez Emily Blunt, dejando en claro que no está interesada en formar parte del Marvel Studios pese a que fue candidata para interpretar a la … Read more

Belu Lucius revealed everything that her sister Emily experienced since she left The Hotel of the famous

Belu Lucius revealed everything that her sister Emily experienced since

Ever since Emily Lucius got eliminated from The famous hotel, her sister Belu came out to defend her every chance she got. This time, he did sitting at the table Intruders in the Showby América TV, where he assured that the young influencer was medicatedwho has not been to any TV program yet because the … Read more

Emily the Criminal: Aubrey Plaza dives into a life of crime in new trailer

Samuel L Jackson Gave Ryan Reynolds a Scary Wedding Gift

A trailer for Aubrey Plaza’s Criminal Emily just released by Roadside Attraction and Vertical Entertainment. The thriller follows the story of Emily, an unemployed young woman in debt from art school, struggling to find a solution to her financial problems and “be free”. The film, which hits theaters on August 12, is written and directed … Read more

Chris Evans joins Emily Blunt to star in Pain Hustlers, the new Netflix

After lending his voice to Lightyearthe new Disney Pixar animated film, the actor Chris Evans You already have an exciting new project that will take you back to Netflix along with a great cast. The actor will join Emily Blunt to star Pain Hustlers, the new from the streaming platform. The actor would be in … Read more

Emily Lucius broke the silence and pointed against the production of the reality show: “What are you going to edit now?”

Emily Lucius broke the silence and pointed against the production

It was the most searched word. After having to close their social networks due to the siege of haters (those who accuse her of having bullied Locho in the eltrece reality show, The Hotel of the famous), Emily Lucius broke the silence (at least indirectly). “He came without speaking. I did not speak directly with … Read more

Emily is back in Paris! Lily Collins Rocks a Dramatic Mini Skirt with Lavender Boots

Lily Collins surprises us with her recent publication on Instagram, where the actress shared a flash back during the recordings of the second season of the series Emily in Paris. The model, too, shares with us a style in vibrant colors and different textures, but she makes the most of the drama of the image … Read more

Kate Rodríguez questioned the love story of Emily Lucius and Martín Salwe: “Who believes in that romance?”

Kate Rodriguez questioned the love story of Emily Lucius and

kate rodriguez, one of the first eliminated contestants The famous hotel, keep making it spicy to the repercussions of what happens both inside the reality show and outside, with the elimination of each of his former teammates. Openly against Martín Salwe and Maximiliano “El Chanchi” Estévezthis time he targeted Emily Lucius after losing the H … Read more

‘Sicario: The day of the soldier’: why Emily Blunt did not return in the fantastic sequel directed by Stefano Sollima

Sicario The day of the soldier why Emily Blunt did

In a distant 2015, Denis Villeneuvewhich had just linked the premieres of two feature films as different and fantastic as ‘enemy’ Y ‘prisoners’ —both from 2013—, signed the extraordinary ‘Hitman’. A dry, raw and intense thriller that made half the world fall in love with its impeccable staging, its razor-sharp script, its pristine technical bill —great Roger Deakins— and by their interpretations; led by a splendid Emily Blunt.

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