Emergency Test Alert Wakes Florida: Why Did It Happen and Would It Happen Again?

Emergency Test Alert Wakes Florida Why Did It Happen and

Residents across the state of Florida woke up at 4:45 am Thursday after receiving an emergency alert that turned out to be a mistake by the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Floridians’ phones rang loudly in the early morning, waking millions of people who checked their phones and found that it was a test alert … Read more

Driver of ‘Gossip no Like’ is hospitalized in an emergency and is in serious condition | VIDEO

Driver of Gossip no Like is hospitalized in an emergency

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani. Photo: Star TV / Courtesy the famous show “Gossip No Like” He is not having his best moment, because in addition to the fact that a couple of days ago his studio was looted, one of his drivers is in serious condition in the hospital. This is Eleazar “El kompayaso”, … Read more

Coldplay sent a heartfelt letter to the artist who called for an emergency for one of his shows

Coldplay sent a heartfelt letter to the artist who called

Coldplay had a loving gesture with Clara Cava In the midst of the overwhelming success it is having in Argentina, Coldplay He never ceases to surprise with his gestures, both towards his fans and the artists they invite to join their shows. In this sense, in the last hours she moved a letter that the … Read more

It’s Netflix’s best original movie this year: a spectacular portrait of escalating violence in times of social emergency reminiscent of Michael Mann and ‘1917’

Netflix loses one of the best time travel movies in

Those who shout to the heavens at the forced inclusion of women and minorities in modern adaptations of classics will be right, because even the remake of Italian fascism has changed its male protagonist for a woman. Fuck off, the rise of extremist and hate speech even the Italian institutions is something worrying that can … Read more

Kate Winslet, star of “Titanic”, went to the emergency hospital

Kate Winslet, star of Titanic, went to the emergency hospital. | Special: Instagram Kate Winslet. the acclaimed actress Kate Winslet She was hospitalized in an emergency this weekend, after suffering a leg injury during the recording of a film being shot in Croatia, according to foreign media. The Oscar winner is bringing legendary American photojournalist … Read more

“Emergency in the air”: this is the new film with the actors of “Parasite” and “The Squid Game”

Emergency in the air this is the new film with

The captain of a crew must save the lives of a group of passengers. (BF Distribution) Another plane crash story is coming to the cinema in the form of a new South Korean production that is already generating great interest: emergency in the air (Emergency Statement). With some hit stars parasite Y the squid game, … Read more

“It is extraordinary that you can speak”: This is the medical emergency for which Emilia Clarke was left with severe brain damage

The Marvels would include a musical scene starring Brie Larson

Jul 22 2022 – 11:20 a.m. Khaleesi, the “mother of dragons”, better known as Emilia Clarke (35), is a recognized and beloved actress for the iconic characters she has played and also for her emotional capacity, but the world of entertainment should not be able to enjoy her talent, since after suffering a medical emergency, … Read more

Mägo de Oz suspends concerts due to illness of Zeta and Patricia Tapia: both ended up in the emergency room – MariskalRock.com

Mago de Oz suspends concerts due to illness of Zeta

June 24, 2022 1:27 p.m. published by Drafting – Patricia and Zeta in Madrid. Photo: Sandro Santos The tour “Boarding!” of Wizard of Oz has suffered an unexpected and hard setback that will prevent the next scheduled concerts from being held in the extensive roadmap that has recently continued to grow and demonstrate the great … Read more

Rafael Araneda spends Father’s Day in an emergency hospital: this is what happened to him

Raphael Araneda had to pass the Father’s day in undesirable circumstances: emergency admission to a hospital. it was the same presenter of falling in love who made his circumstances known this Sunday, June 19, while many dads in the US celebrate with their families. Rafael Araneda is hospitalized: this is known about his health The … Read more