This was the life of Elvis Presley: family, most famous songs, last concert…

This was the life of Elvis Presley family most famous

Would you like to keep Elvis Presley’s jewelry? Now it is possible 0:52 (CNN) — Here’s a look at the life of Elvis Presleyone of the most popular musicians of all time, who sold more than 1,000 million records in the world. Date of Birth: January 8th, 1935Date of death: August 16, 1977Place of birth: … Read more

What movies did Austin Butler make besides Elvis?

After so much waiting and expectation, finally Elvis landed on the big screen in different countries. Behind this production is Baz Luhrman, who was in charge of directing the story and was also in charge of the script with Craig Pearce. Although the film surprises from beginning to end, what is most striking is its … Read more

HBO Max changes its movie release policy to streaming and Elvis is its first test

In the last days hbo max has been hectic. The streaming service has seen changes, from unannounced releases of titles, name change rumors and more. Now another important fact is added, the change of premieres from cinema to streaming and in Elvis would be the first test. in 2020 hbo max surprised with its hybrid … Read more

Austin Butler, the protagonist of Elvis, joins Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy for a new project

With Oscar forecasts in hand, many wonder what will be the next acting project of austin butlerthe 30-year-old actor who had the difficult task of putting himself in the shoes of Elvis Preley for the biopic he directed Baz Luhrman. After his time on the tape, Butler begins to open some interesting doors. The interpreter … Read more

When Katy Jurado helped Elvis Presley put together a movie

When Katy Jurado helped Elvis Presley put together a movie

Katy Jurado and Elvis Presley maintained a strong friendship during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema (Photos: Getty Images) The name of Elvis Presley on several occasions was related to Mexicobecause the actor not only recorded songs in Spanish that were linked to the Aztec country, but also had great friendships with actresses from the … Read more

Elvis Presley and civil rights. A path of intuition.

Elvis Presley and civil rights A path of intuition

Biographies illustrate. By reading them, we delve into the stories and knowledge of others, we understand their weaknesses and also the successes that mark their decisions. Delving into the life and work of famous people, statesmen and rockstars makes us more objective and empathic, so much so that we stop envying their successes, for being … Read more

The hidden relationship between Julio Iglesias and Elvis Presley’s wife who does not appear in the biographical film of the rockstar

Last May, the story about the life of the king of rock was released. Elvis Presleythis brought to the memory of many the romance that the singer had Julio Iglesias with the widow of the American singer in the 80s and that at the time was a media bomb due to the size of the … Read more

Actress Shonka Dukureh, known for playing Big Mama Thornton in Elvis, has died

Actress Shonka Dukureh known for playing Big Mama Thornton in

Actress Shonka Dukureh, who plays Big Mama Thornton in Elvis, has died at the age of 44 – Credits: @@iamshonkadukureh Actress Shonka Dukureh, known for her recent role as Big Mama Thornton in Elvis, was found dead by her son in her apartment from Nashville. As reported TMZthe causes of the death of Dukureh, 44, … Read more

“Elvis” the film has a great loss, famous actress was found by her son

Famous actress from “Elvis” the movie is found dead | INSTAGRAM The singer played the character big mama in the recent movie of Elvis, Shonka Dukureh She was found lifeless after what will be released just on July 14, at the moment it is not known why it happened but she was found by her … Read more

Actress and singer Shonka Dukureh (‘Elvis’) dies at 44

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This Thursday the police found dead Shonka Dukureh at his apartment on Kothe Way in Nashville, he told the hollywoodreporter. The results of the autopsy are yet to be known, but there is no indication that it was an induced death. Dukureh, a 44-year-old actress and singer, shared her apartment with her two young children, … Read more