Merlina Addams dancing with music and effects from Dragon Ball, the video that is breaking Twitter

Merlina Addams dancing with music and effects from Dragon Ball

wednesday, The Netflix series with Merlina as the protagonist and Tim Burton as director, was one of the most popular of 2022, for its dark comedy and suspense. has to Jenna Ortega in the role of the daughter of the Addams family (Los Locos Addams), and will have a second season. Now… did you see … Read more

The Mummy 2: Brendan Fraser defends the sequel’s poor special effects

The Mummy 2 Brendan Fraser defends the sequels poor special

the star of The Mummy, brendan fraserhas decided to defend the infamous recreation of scorpion king and the used digital effects for his appearance in the sequel to the saga. Fraser, who is experiencing a moment of resurgence after the premiere of The Whaleand what has confirmed his desire to return to the licensehas launched … Read more

Today it is a science fiction classic, but in its day ‘Tron’ did not win the Oscar for special effects for “cheating”

Today it is a science fiction classic but in its

Today, ‘Tron’ is considered a classic without any buts: just turned 40, no one disputes his visionary role or his pioneering use of special effects By computer. Even his argument, in which a programmer enters the guts of a computer, is obvious and almost daily after the success of proposals such as ‘Matrix‘, but at … Read more

Increase in the amount of the Social Security check for people over 65 years of age, a measure to alleviate the effects of inflation

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

read transcript digital tool iscompletely free.find it inunivisóía.there is also good newsfor the millions of people65 years or older whodepend on the insurance checkSocial.the federal government announcedthat there will be an increaseincrease cost of livingdue to the inflation sufferedthe Pee.guillermo gonález has uscal’s comment is thepercentage increase fornext fiscal year.guillermo: the announcement couldbe a beacon … Read more

Coldplay, with a show full of effects, starts a tour of South America in Rio

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

Rio de Janeiro, September 10. With a show full of special effects that not even the rain was able to water down and that turned the City of Rock into a tapestry of lights and colors, Coldplay took advantage of their presentation this Saturday at Rock in Rio to kick off their tour in Rio … Read more

“Prey”: the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects and during his characterization process

Prey the terrifying appearance of the Predator without special effects

The new version of the remembered movie “Predator” has come to conquer the viewing public. It is “Predator: The Prey” or also known as “Prey”, which brings new adventures of the alien hunter and whose production is set 300 years ago. But mysterious character He has also drawn everyone’s attention for his terrifying appearance. It … Read more

New Marvel flaws come to light regarding special effects, this time from Avengers

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

The Phase 4 of the MCU has had a common criticism: the special effects. Several of the titles presented during this stage have shown flaws in the effects and this has not gone unnoticed by the fans’ magnifying glass. Without going any further it came to light Marvel Studios put pressure on specialists VFX, changing … Read more

Andor will bet on more classic special effects unlike The Mandalorian

Andor will bet on more classic special effects unlike The

the writer and showrunner of Andor, Tony Gilroyhas explained the reasons why the new series of starwars looked so good and seemed so much like a scale movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story instead of the different series of the galactic saga launched in Disney+. the trailer, that conquered to more than oneshowed a … Read more

She-Hulk director responds to criticism for poor special effects

she hulk not yet reached the screen Disney Plus and already generated a strong controversy. The fans criticized the special effects of the series and who came out to answer them was neither more nor less than Kat Coirothe director. Beyond the expectations generated by a new installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), everything … Read more

The weak digital effects of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are not something isolated, they are the symptom of a larger problem

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, fourth solo film of the MCU character, you have nothing to fear in terms of performance. We can put all the objections in the world to how Taika Waititi has managed this new installment and if Marvel shows signs of exhaustion, but it is clear that for now, the public responds. … Read more